Dear 'Feminists,' Stop Degrading Melania Trump

Dear 'Feminists,' Stop Degrading Melania Trump

If you truly believe in supporting other women, then support all women.

Every so-called “feminist” lashes out, and tears down the Trump women every chance they get. From criticizing Melania for her choice of shoes to critiquing her parenting style, women seemly have disowned the Trumps. Why? Because they don’t agree with them.

People, mainly left-wing feminists, exclude Republican women. Women should always support other women unless it is a Republican woman. Republican women are seen as “brainwashed,” privileged, out of touch, ignorant and even anti-women. When in reality, we Republican women just have different opinions and different morals.

Melania Trump came to the United States legally, working in New York as a model. She was born in Yugoslavia, which is modern-day Novo Mesto, Slovenia. She obtained her green card to live here permanently through the EB-1 program. She is fluent in Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, German languages and Italian. As well as being First Lady and a professional model, she has launched a jewelry and skincare line and co-hosted on "The View."

Our First Lady is a textbook example of what the American Dream looks like. She is a self-made businesswoman who is raising an equally intelligent son while succeeding at her job as First Lady.

And let's be honest, she still looks good while doing so.

Feminists claim to be pro-women, pro-immigration, and pro-female entrepreneurship. Melania checks every single one of those boxes. Yet, they tear her down every chance they get.

I wonder if these feminists are really only pro-liberal women?

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