To Every Doubter You're Succeeding Without

Most everyone has experienced having a dream or a goal that someone you know didn't support.

Maybe you want to be an actor, but your parents want you to go to medical school.

Maybe you want to be a doctor, but your teachers don't think you're smart enough.

Maybe you love to sing, but someone said you didn't sound good.

No matter what the dream or goal, everyone has experienced this at some point. Maybe it was your parents, your teachers, your so-called "friends," even a significant other.

This is a letter to all of those people that doubted you, and you proved them wrong.

* * *

Dear Doubters,

I'm sure you thought you would be right. I'm sure you thought that I wouldn't succeed. But I did. You thought you could laugh at me, make fun, or convince me it would never happen. You couldn't see how much that dream meant to me. You couldn't get past your own personal agenda to support me. Maybe it didn't fit with your life. Maybe you thought I wasn't good enough, or maybe you even thought I could do better. No matter what you thought, I proved you wrong.

Maybe you didn't realize how much your lack of support hurt me, or maybe that was your intention. But it did. In life, you lean on the people around you to lift you up, to support you. That's part of what family, friends, and relationships are for. I depended on you to push me, to support me, and you didn't. You had your own idea of what I would do in life. I couldn't do different, I couldn't do better. But you were wrong.

No matter how much your lack of support or your hurtful words tried to bring me down, I didn't let it. I continued to work for my goals. I continued to chase my dreams. I fought for what I wanted in life. And I'm still fighting. Without your support.

So how does it feel? To put all of your effort into bringing me down, and for it still not to work. To make fun of me, while others admire. To see me achieving all of my goals, while you're too busy bringing others down to even work on yours. I hope it feels like a punch to the gut because that's what it felt like to have someone like you do what you did.

So I'll continue fighting, striving, and achieving. I'll continue accomplishing the things you thought I couldn't, and being admired by the things you made fun of.

I'll use you as motivation. I'll use all the negativity you sent my way as motivation. It will only make victory so much sweeter.

I only hope that you'll finally stop putting others down, and focus on yourself.


The Winner

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