Dear Customers, Not Everyone Gets Holiday Pay

Dear Customers, Not Everyone Gets Holiday Pay

There's no need to be a Grinch this holiday season.

With the holidays just around the corner, I feel as if there’s an elephant that we finally need to acknowledge. If you’re going out on a holiday, there’s a chance that the workers that you come into contact with are not getting paid extra for working on a holiday, despite the fact that they too are giving up time that they could be spending with their families.

Over the years, I’ve worked several minimum wage jobs, most of which did not offer holiday pay. Although I love spending time with my family, I also understand that I have to go to work, so I haven’t really minded working for the same wage as I would any other day.

However, what I cannot wrap my head around is how people have the audacity to go out on a holiday and be rude to workers; haven’t you ever heard of Christmas spirit?

Regardless of where you are, you should always be kind to people. Even though not everyone celebrates Christmas, this time of year is especially important to families.

Whether it be college students returning home or family members coming in from out of town, I think I’m speaking for all of us when I say that there’s nothing more precious than having quality time with those who love you.

That being said, some of us might be spending this holiday season without a loved one for the first time, so you truly never know what someone’s situation might be. Although this is something that should apply every day of our lives, I feel strongly that it is especially important to remember around the holidays.

Just remember, not everyone is getting paid extra to bag your groceries or bring in your shopping carts, so there’s no reason to make anyone’s holiday shift more difficult than it already is.

After all, even the Grinch found it in his heart to believe in the true meaning of Christmas (after stealing it first, but still). Without those who offer to work during the holidays, you wouldn’t have the luxury of going out at the last possible minute to grab the French silk pie you offered to bring to your grandma’s house.

So whether it be the person who greets you when you walk into the grocery store or the waitress who takes your order, recognize that they might not be getting paid extra to work.

This holiday season, why don’t we all take the initiative to be just a little kinder, after all, you never know what someone might be going through.

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18 Things You Can Only Understand If You Are An Only Child

It has its pros and cons along with everything else.

Being an only child definitely has its pros and cons. If you are an only child, you know exactly what I mean. People are either always asking you questions, or just assume you are a specific way because you're an only child.

Here are some things associated with being an only child:

1. You are the oldest, middle, and youngest child of your immediate family

If you're an only child, you are basically every type of child all in one. You are not only considered the trial and error of the family, but your parents hold on to you so tight since you will always be the “baby”.

2. You are known to be spoiled


Yes, you probably get designer clothes or maybe get more money in your birthday envelope than everyone else. But, who else would your family spoil then?

3. People think you are selfish even if they don’t know you

The truth is, everyone has their own selfish tendencies. It really does not matter if you're an only child or not, it could just be the age of the person or the way the person was raised.

4. Everything is always your fault

If something goes wrong, you are immediate to blame. No more toilet paper in the bathroom? Your fault. The lamp is broken? Your fault. Too bad you can’t blame it on anyone else because there is no one else.

5. You have to do all the chores in the house

There are no siblings to share responsibilities with….including things like doing the laundry, setting the table, etc. You have to do each and every single thing by yourself, which can get very stressful at times when you have other things to do.

6. You always receive all the attention

As an only child, you are so used to all the attention being on you, that when it is not, you most likely get upset. Let's not forget, everyone in the family knows what you are doing at every moment because you are always in the spotlight.

7. You are always around adults, even from a very young age

It's hard not being around adults all the time when you are an only child. Especially since you can’t hang out with any of your siblings’ friends because you don’t any, so you are always around your parents’ friends.

8. You are close to your parents

Your parents are your life. You are always with them. It's just the way it is.

9. You are VERY family-oriented

Your cousins are basically your siblings. Without them, life would be boring. You most likely look forward to all family functions so you are around people your age.

10. If you have a pet, your pet is basically your sibling

You probably spend a lot of time with your pet(s) because they are always around when you are home like siblings would be. You talk to them like they are a sibling or a friend.

11. You always have to find a way to entertain yourself

Being an only child means always finding a way to always keep yourself occupied. Who else is going to occupy you when you are in a room with all adults?

12. Your parents are on top of your every move

Your parents know who you go out with, when, where, and why. Then, they need to know how you are getting there too. They know all your friends and your really close friends are basically part of the family.

13. You don’t have to share with anyone because everything is yours

No siblings? No problem. You are allowed to spend as much time as you want on the television or doing whatever (as long as it is ok with your parents).

14. Your pictures are all over your whole house

Who else would your family put all around? Your face is just everywhere!

15. You usually get what you want, when you want it

If you need a pair of shoes or some money for that school trip, the majority of the time you get it when you ask. There is really no need for your parents to buy anything for anyone else except you and themselves.

16. People are always telling you how lucky you are not to have any siblings

Like I said being an only child has its pros and cons.

17. Everyone always questions if you are lonely

Sometimes lonely, but always blessed. But in all seriousness, people don’t need to ask this. It's like asking if you're single and lonely.

18. When people ask in a room full of people who has siblings, you are the only one or one of few not to raise your hand

This is when you feel lonely, but being an only child is being different than the rest.

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