Dear College Freshman: Part II

Last week you probably saw an article from me that talked about struggles college freshman go through. Also, at the bottom of that article, there was a "come back next week" teaser to see the final three struggles that college freshman, and honestly even some college seniors, struggle with.

Let me just get on with it. College is hard, it really is. So please take my advice seriously. These are experiences that I have gone through that I wish I could have taken more seriously my first two years.

3. Class

Don’t skip class unless you’re dying. And if you do skip class, make sure it is for legitimate reasons. And make sure you made some friends in that class who wouldn’t mind sharing notes with you so you know what you missed. Once you skip class it’s hard to get back.

Just don’t skip class unless you’re dying, okay?

2. Friends/Roommates

If you’re living in the dorm, your roommate is one of the first people you will meet. Congratulations! You’re living with a complete stranger! Take the time to, if you are able to see who your roommate is ahead of time, add them on Facebook and talk to them. Figure out their interests; tell them about yourself, converse about families and favorite animals and favorite music genres. This will make things SO much easier for when you move in. Talk in advanced about the way you want your room set up, that way there isn’t any confusion or hassle when you guys get there.

Your roommate is the first friend you make in college. Those who sit in your classes are your second friends. Those who live down the hallway are your third. Friends come and go, but roommates stay with you for a year. If you ever are upset, just talk about what is bothering you and come to a conclusion together. Living with someone isn’t as peachy as it sounds, but the more you converse, the better it will be.

1. Moving away from home.

You just graduated high school and you are ready to get out of the town that you grew up in. You’re ready to live on your own and be a free spirit. I get it. I’ve been there. We all have. Your parents move you into your dorm and you are all flustered about everything you’re moving in. You organize everything all cute: pillow here, pictures of best friend there, laptop on desk, posters here, clothes unpacked, and done. You have it all set up. Your parents give you a hug and tell you how proud they are of you and how much they love you and they leave. You stand there and are excited that you are on your own. But that’s just it. You are on your own.

Homesickness is a legitimate thing. You have this empty feeling inside and you don’t exactly know what it is. You sit there, looking around at your new home for the next year, wondering how you even got everything to fit. You keep moving things on your desk and play around on your phone. You may even go socialize with other people down the hallway just to introduce yourself. But that empty feeling is still there.

That empty feeling you have? It is completely normal. You’re homesick, and that is okay. How to get over homesickness is to talk to your parents every few days, then make it once a week or as many times as you would like. Your parents may have left you somewhere completely new, but they didn’t abandon you. They will always be there for you. Call them and talk to them. Always make time for them. Even though school is important, and should come first in most situations, your family comes way before that.

This advice will hopefully help you make some good choices during your freshman year. Have fun and good luck!

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