Dear Close Friend Who is now my Facebook Friend,

I know we used to be close. I remember it well. We used to clink wine glasses instead of posting emoji ones. We used to stay up way too late when we both knew we had to get up way too early. We used to laugh and really cry.

I saw you got engaged, as I swiped or clicked right (depending on device) to move through each segment of your special moment. I smiled when you got married and when you held your first baby. I celebrated with you from afar.

When our lives went in different directions, my caring for you and your adventures did not. I am thankful technology has kept us connected while scheduling, miles, families and finances have diverted our attention or priorities.

I cried when your mother passed away. She was special. And when you smile, I see her there. Your strength shone through as I witnessed you grieve with elegance and grace. I tried to reach out, but I know you were busy. I didn’t want to press “like” on Facebook or double tap for a rose-colored heart, because I knew your heart was heavy. I was there for you, though. Right there, behind the screen, I went through two tissues before needing another box and I did everything I could to stop myself from jumping in the car to drive to you.

But I wasn’t sure if we were that close still. Life kicked in and technology took over and I was afraid I was moved to “just a Facebook friend” category. But I want you to know that you’re still special to me. If I won an island tomorrow, I’d want you to be there to clink real wine glasses with me.

I sometimes wonder who we’d be today if we stayed in the same city. Would you come over randomly with fresh vegetables picked from your garden? Would I send you texts of humor from 5 seconds ago, and you know exactly what I mean without needing an expository set up? Would our significant others be friends? Would we vacation together? Would your children call me "aunt?"

I like who you’ve become. And I like that I knew you during the “goal-setting” phase. Back when husband-home-child were dream bubbles on our setting-intentions worksheet. I like who I’ve become and I’ve liked seeing your name pop up as you’ve “liked” my growth, silently encouraging me to move forward with directions I was unsure about.

I know we used to be close; I remember it well. I remember it every time I go to react (whether that be like, love, haha, sad, wow or angry). While the mode of my reaction may have changed, my love for you has not.

Thank you for being my friend and my Facebook friend. You helped shape me into who I am, and your presence - be it digital, through my memories, or in person - continues to shape me.

For now, I sign off; but I’ll be back. And I want you to know that I’m here.

Forever caring,

Your Friend, to whom you were once close but still supports you every day