Dealing With Things You Can't Control

We've all had a situation in our lives that we wish we could control or change, but we know it's out of our hands. Maybe it was a breakup that you didn't want to happen, a health problem, the loss of someone close to you, etc. Circumstances that you can't change. Obstacles thrown your way that are gonna happen no matter what you do. It's hard no doubt, but unfortunately it's a part of life.

Whatever you believe in, we have to have hope that things will get better, or what would be the point in pushing through the hardships every day? For some of you, that may be that everything happens for a reason. Whatever you're going through now is going to lead to something better. For me, my hope is in the fact that I believe God has a plan. I believe He puts these hardships in my life for a greater purpose. Everything I go through is to make me stronger, change the direction I'm taking in life for the better, or lead me to my purpose here on Earth.

It is nice to have hope. It gives us a reason to get out of bed, a reason to continue working hard and caring, a reason to keep going. But sometimes life can seem hopeless. I mean, have you ever felt like the old saying "when it rains it pours" was very true and all about your life? Have you ever felt like suddenly everything that could go wrong was going wrong? Or that you don't deserve what you're having to go through? When you feel like this, it's hard to find hope. It becomes easy to just give up, to wallow in your self pity, and to believe that you have it worse than anyone.

It is especially hard to deal with when you can't do anything to change it. The cancer that has no cure, the family member taken too soon, the sickness that debilitates you and won't heal, the person that doesn't love you.


We have to remember two things:

1. There is most likely someone out there that has it way worse than you. As much as your life seems to suck right now, there is most likely someone who has it worse. We have to be grateful for the blessings we do have that others don't.

2. There is a reason for all of this. Whether that boyfriend who broke up with you needed to be out of your life even though it hurts, or you didn't get that job because a better one is coming, there is a reason. Even if that reason is that all of what you're going through is going to make you so much stronger.

I know it's hard. It would be so much easier to think about how bad you have it and be miserable, but we can't. To get through this life, I have to believe that God has a purpose for all the bad. It is so much easier to get through things knowing He is holding my hand through it all, leading me to the much greater plans He specifically drew out for me.

So whatever you're going through, keep your head up. Find your hope in God, or at least find your hope in the fact that this is all happening for a reason. That is a purpose for all the chaos. You will make it through.

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