7 Ways To Deal With Your Curly Hair
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7 Ways To Deal With Your Curly Hair

It's both a curse and a curse (not a single blessing).

7 Ways To Deal With Your Curly Hair

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Serina, your hair is always frizzy. Why are you giving tips on how to deal with frizzy hair?" Well my young padawan, without these tips, my hair would be even more frizzy. Hard to believe? Well, believe it. Behind my constant presence of mild frizz is a wild beast that is barely contained by the use of mass amounts of an assortment of oils and leave-in conditioners. Read on to learn about how to deal with your bad card of curly hair while you curl your lip at those people who's hair doesn't receive complaints about how the person behind them can't see the screen.

1. Quit shampooing your hair so often.

Your hair is frizzy because of a lack of oil. The last thing you want to do is strip it of those oils it is so desperately clinging to, every time you shower. Instead, whenever you step under the nozzle, condition every single time, and shampoo some of the times. I like to do once a week to every 10 days. Sounds gross, but trust me, your hair will thank you. The conditioner cleans it enough.

2. Make sure you're drying your hair right.

I see so many people get out of the shower and violently rub their hair with a scratchy towel like they're killing snakes. Rubbing your hair with a towel will only cause breakage, which equals frizz. Buy a microfiber towel (don't panic, they aren't expensive), and pat your hair. Don't twist it, don't squeeze it, and for the love of god, don't do the thing where you put your hair between two pieces of a towel and rub like you're starting a fire with a stick.

3. Throw away your brush.

You heard me. Ripping away at your hair with those bristles is only causing a huge amount of hair loss and breakage, which leads to frizz and a lack of those pretty curls. Buy a pick comb, or just use your fingers. Precisely when to comb the mane is also key. Never comb when dry, and never comb without product. I like to comb mine in the shower after I've put conditioner in. You should let your conditioner sit for at least 2-3 minutes before rinsing, and during the wait time, comb your hair. It'll help disperse the conditioner more and it'll be easier to comb through.

4. Equal dispersion of product = happy hair.

Your hair isn't just one big mass, so don't treat it that way. It's heavy and thick and has many layers, and all those layers need product to reach them. Take your hair and part it in at least three sections, and evenly put the product (I'll get to what kind of product later) on each part. This way, all the parts of your hair will be evenly coated with that coconut oil goodness (hint hint).

5. Buy the right kind of product.

Now, this may be the most important part of curly hair care, and it varies, depending on the type of curly hair you have. My hair is very dry and brittle, with very little oil, so for me, heavy products that are loaded with oil work very well. A general rule is to use at least three different products: A leave in conditioner, a curl helper, and something that helps with frizz control. One product can't do all those things, so pick and choose wisely. Read the ingredient list. A big no-no for all curly hair types are the products with alcohol in them, like mousse or hair gel. Alcohol dries out your hair, which creates frizz. Also, those products give your hair that crunchy look, which isn't cute. Basically, try what works best, use multiple products (preferably oil-based), and don't use products with alcohol in them.


Continuously touching your hair will only make it more frizzy. After you've put your product in it and styled it to your liking, leave it alone. Don't scrunch it, don't run your fingers through it, don't touch it. It's hard, I know. Even I often find myself running my hair back with my hands, but I'm working on it. You should too. Leave your hair alone and put some trust into it. It'll curl on its own.

7. Last but not least, love your hair!

Kidding. I would never say that. I hate my hair. I'm so jealous of everyone with straight hair. "But your curls are so pretty I love them so much! I wish I had curly hair!" No, you don't. When you want your hair down, what do you do? Wear it down. When I want my hair down, I have to shower and hope for the best. No day is a guarantee. My hair is bad more often than it is good. Plus, napping with curly hair is insanely difficult. It will ruin it every time. Also, can we talk about buns for a second? When a person with straight hair puts their hair in a bun, the messier it gets, the cuter it gets. You guys get small little wisps that are adorable and cute hair strands falling out behind the ear. Curly hair? You just get fuzz. Fuzz, fuzz, and you guessed it, fuzz. Nope, if I were to pick, I'd pick straight hair every time. But, I have what I have, and I've learned how to manage it (kinda).

I hope this helps some other frizz-head out there in the world that's just trying their best.

Wait, no, one last thing. You ever try to change clothes and keep your hair still looking good? People with straight hair can do it. People with curly hair? If I so much as think of taking off my hoodie, my hair puffs up.

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