We are living in the most polarized time since the day of our birth.

The most important aspect to understand about the political temperament we are living in currently is that it is not targeting just one group of people. It is impacting all of us. A common misconception is that liberals are the only ones who are suffering, but the truth is pain extends far more than just those who side with the Democratic party. Above all, the most recent election took a toll on all of us, in very different in distinct ways.

In the simplest explanation for liberals, it is clear that Clinton losing the election lead to a storm of emotions. First, a feeling of confusion. This stemmed from the multitude of polls indicating that "Almost 7 in 10 voters think Hillary Clinton" would win the election and thus become president (CNN 2016). The message was clear: Clinton would most likely win the election and all would be well in the world. However, after the election, a massive Democratic revolution began. A variety of women's marches were organized around the country to bring awareness to the fact that Donald Trump is not fit to be president, and that some of his remarks directed towards women are disrespectful and blatantly wrong. In addition to these marches, an immense amount of protests (both violent and nonviolent) were directed against Donald Trump and his respective policies. Therefore, a great deal of action was done in response to the pain liberals felt towards Donald Trump being president

But rarely do we talk about the other side of the situation.

What about the Conservatives/Independents/or people who didn't even vote in the 2016 Election?

When analyzing the Conservative side of things, it is clear that there is also a divide in the political party. Some conservatives truly support Donald Trump and still support him through his endeavors and are thereby very happy. Other conservatives are extremely disappointed and are regretful for their decision to vote for Donald Trump.

Then comes those who are Independent, and do not side with a specific political party. These individuals are disappointed as a whole, and also participate in civic action both through legislative means and also through means of marches and protests. Those who did not vote for the 2016 Election are in a boat of confusion and anger as well, leading to a great deal of action against the President.

So the central idea is this: we are all divided.

But what do we do to fix it and mend the broken pieces the Founding Fathers had together for us prior to such difficult times?

We talk. I know, it's crazy. But sometimes the best solutions for such complex problems can be solved with the simplest of explanations. First, there should be more opportunities to talk about politics across campuses in colleges and universities around the United States. If we learn to be polite, respectful, and open minded from a relatively younger age, the future will become a lot easier to handle. Learning to communicate now will lead to a lot more ease in the times to come because it will be a lot less stressful to handle problems and will lead to an easier, and more efficient life style. At Rollins College, there is a new event established to talk about poltics and religion at a dinner with a moderator present. The purpose of this talk is to be able to bring people of different backgrounds and political viewpoints together, in a polite and clearly communicated session. The establishment of this program has brought a great deal of positive reviews and has thus lead to a more inclusive campus. This should be implemented in colleges and universities across the nation to bring positive change and a message of inclusiveness, no matter what your opinion is.

Second, there should be mandated encouraged readings of news sources that are not biased, and contain viewpoints of a variety of perspectives. In a classroom, if we are encouraged to read from sources that are biased, we are only becoming educated from that one specific perspective and political party leaning. By reading more objective sources, we are emphasizing the ability for students to understand different mindsets, and thus encouraging more peaceful interaction and communication between students of different political parties.

And finally, use the power of laughter to create change. Attend more political centered comedy shows, and fall in love with the idea of using laughter and humor to make your day a lot less stressful and thus a lot better. Sean Spicer dressed up as a house bunny is something that ANYONE can laugh at, regardless of your political party. So laugh, and let go.

The beginning to a more inclusive year and life starts with you.

Put the effort, big or small, to enact change and bring together the people you love.