Deadly Fashionable: Reasons We Love Skull Jewelry
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Deadly Fashionable: Reasons We Love Skull Jewelry

The death symbolism is frightening, repulsive, and unacceptable to most people. Only on the occasion of Halloween, we dare to put on the costume of the Grim reaper and along with some skull & bone necklaces and rings.

Deadly Fashionable: Reasons We Love Skull Jewelry

So why are we afraid of wearing skull jewelry in everyday life? Are we scared of the censure and slanting glances of passers-by? Bikers, rockers, Goths and other informal subcultures have no problems with jewelry carrying symbols of death. Maybe it's time to look behind the bones and realize that skull rings and bracelets are not that gloomy.

Skulls Are the Embodiment of Strength

For millennia, society has obliged men to be warriors and defenders. This required the sterner sex to show strength, courage, and determination. Even today, when gender stereotypes are gradually disappearing, men still try to maintain the image of a tough cookie.

Just admit that a guy with a huge skull ring involuntarily commands respect and reverence. The owners of such accessories say that they feel more confident, relaxed, and bold when a skull watches over them.

The association of skull jewelry with masculinity has a fairly simple rationale. Since ancient times, soldiers used skulls of defeated opponents to intimidate enemies. The sight of skulls and bones was supposed to demoralize enemy armies and undermine their fighting spirit. Warriors wearing amulets with skulls felt a surge of strength, they became fearless and unstoppable. By the way, even to this day, skulls are ubiquitous among military paraphernalia.

As Versatile As Versatility Can Be

Zealous wearers of skull rings, bikers, rockers, and punks, prefer huge burly items. Thanks to them, the stereotypical skull ring is massive, heavy, and hard to pull off. Forget the stereotypes! Today accessories bearing skulls are available in all possible sizes and styles. For instance, a smooth band with small relief skulls around the perimeter is a great option for everyday wear. Skulls can be inserted in other patterns (for example, floral motifs, Celtic knots, roses, hearts, and all that jazz) so intricately that you won't find them at first glance. Skulls don't have to be in your face; you can verify this by browsing through catalogs of any respected jewelry brand.

Ubiquitous Skulls

Although skulls are commonly found in rings, you can actually meet them everywhere. From a sterling silver skull necklace to trendy Haute couture outfits, skulls have taken over the fashion world.

Clothing and jewelry with leftfield symbolism used to be the prerogative of underground subcultures raving at abandoned factories or driving motorbikes. Today, fashionistas proudly flaunt skull-adorned designer jewelry and outfits. Bling and accessories for subcultures also became available to the masses. You will not surprise anyone with an oversized sweater worn together with a skull necklace.

Skulls Have a History

It's not true that skulls became popular in the 20th century with the advent of biker, rocker, punk, and Gothic movements. In fact, a skull is an ancient symbol. At first, people used skulls and bones of animals to create primitive ornaments. They were worn by everyone, from hunters and shamans to tribe leaders. Later, when people learned to melt metals, skulls were made of iron, bronze, and precious metals. People always worshiped skulls. It is a symbol with a long history that will remain relevant long after our time.

Skulls are not Unambiguous

The reasons for skull popularity are more complex than it might seem at first glance. The truth is that skulls contain as many meanings as no other symbol. They denote death and life, intelligence, vital energy, indestructibility, fear, connection with spirits and other worlds, and much more. In fact, when putting a skull ring on your finger, you can give it whatever significance you want. The meaning that people see and that you actually put in it can be completely opposite. The evil eye cannot corrupt or weaken the power of this symbol because no one except you will know what it means.

Skulls Can Be Feminine

The skull is not only an attribute of masculinity but also a symbol of femininity. This meaning came from the Mexican tradition to celebrate the Day of the Dead, where the skull is the main symbol. This holiday commemorates the death goddess Santa Meurta who comes to people as a young girl. Her face is adorned with flowers so delicately that you may not even notice that they conceal a skull. In honor of Santa Muerta, jewelers began to craft pendants, rings, earrings, and other trinkets featuring so-called sugar skulls. These skulls carry intricate swirls, floral patterns, precious stone inlays, and enamel coatings. They are very feminine and divinely beautiful.

Celebrities wear skulls

Celebrities can promote anything and skull jewelry is no exception. Every self-respecting rocker has a little collection of skull items. These products are not only for the stage but for everyday life as well. The biggest skull jewelry popularizer is perhaps Keith Richards. He has a skull ring that he has not been taking off for 40 years. This ring even got its own name - Keith Richards ring. Many show business stars are not ashamed to wear copies of this famous item. For example, Richards' great friend Johnny Depp also has this ring. Everything that is popular with superstars sooner or later becomes fashionable among their fans.

We don't see that skull jewelry will lose its popularity any time soon. It means that skull accessories are an excellent long-term investment in your style.

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