Ugh. That's my alarm. I force open my eyes and stare at my vibrating iPhone, stabbing the screen until my finger hit either the snooze button or the stop button.

I blink at it and see Snapchat notifications, so I slide open my phone and open all of them without really looking at them. I add a filter that says "Johns Creek" (where else would I be? but that doesn't matter) and draw a squiggly "s" on it, sending it to everyone that I have a streak with. I made sure I put an emoji before their name so I don't forget anyone and accidentally lose that streak!

I swing out of bed and stub my toe on my school-issued Surface tablet. I roll my eyes and kick it under my bedside table. Ugh, those things are SO dumb, and they don't even work. WHY did stupid Fulton County have to make us get them? Like, everyone has a Mac anyway. Oh my god, and if my math teacher makes me do one more warmup on OneNote I'm going to scream. I only like fun technology. Plus it's SO HEAVY.

My array of body care products in the bathroom is lined up perfectly; I start my face-washing routine, brush my teeth while my hair straightener is turning on and turn on some Kendrick Lamar - you know, those beats that really make me feel cool - while I apply my makeup. When I start flat-ironing my hair, I see that my argan oil is out, so I order some really quickly via Amazon prime; it's going to be hard to live without it for the two mornings before it gets here, but maybe I'll let my hair go natural for once.

Picking out an outfit is taking too long and I'm running a bit late for my service club meeting this morning, so I throw on a generic t-shirt from some restaurant in a southern small town and my Lululemon leggings. Ugh, no time for breakfast; I guess I'll stop by Starbucks or Sara's on the way. Plus my best friend will probably want a donut, and that'll be a cute Snapchat story. I want everyone to know I love my friends.

My dog is taking too long to pee, but I make sure I give her a treat and kiss her head before I leave. I love my dog. She is my pride and joy, and I show that girl off so much. She is the PRINCESS of the Newtown dog park. It cost half a million to build? That's nothing next to the value of my puppy. Wow. I love her. Maybe I'll get her an ice cream from McDonald's later; I saw that on those news feed things on Snapchat, so it's probably safe for her.

Ugh. Really late. I shoot off a GroupMe text to the club president as I slug down 141. Gotta pick up the best friend. Now I'm amazingly late and she's trying to do her makeup in the backseat. Also, I hate parking in the back parking lot because my Jeep is too big to fit comfortably in the spaces and it takes too long to get out if I park on the lawn, so I cut through the Sara's parking lot.

Oh yeah, donuts. The line's long and Starbucks just re-added PSLs to their menu. I eventually get there and, since I mobile-ordered to accumulate those stars for my gold membership, my drink's ready to go when I arrive. I wave to half my school as I walk out.

The drive-in to Johns Creek is full of parents who just stop in the middle of the path and let their kids out, and even more full of kids who just wander out in front of traffic without looking. I shake my head, amazed and thankful that I got a car for my 16th birthday so this doesn't have to be me anymore. Finally, we park and walk into the school. It's like 8:11, but I get to the meeting anyway just to find out that it's over. "Don't worry," the president tells me. "We'll send everything out on Remind and we'll email you the presentation." Sometimes I wonder why I stress so much about coming.

The day sucks, predictably. School is the WORST and education is totally USELESS. Lunch is the only okay part, but third is tolerable because the teacher is cute. I ditch sixth period with my crush and we drive up to Lake Lanier, getting ice cream at a small shop along the way. His boat is nice; mine is nicer, but I won't tell him that. Since it's Thursday, I can't spend the night at the lake house, which is a shame because he throws lit parties and his parents are clueless.

When I finally get back home, I'm almost late to my weekly Twisted Taco date with my best friend. We get our normal booth inside the cage and giggle over gossip. As per tradition, we both bring a textbook into dinner although we know we won't study; it makes it seem like we're not COMPLETELY wasting time on a weeknight. That's why my mom lets me go do it.

Afterwards, we do go to Starbucks and work a little bit. I don't have a lot of homework, and what I do need to do can be procrastinated, so I snapchat some cute guys for a few hours and try drink suggestions from Pinterest boards. Again, I see some classmates, and we complain about how hard school is for a few minutes before they go home. When Starbucks closes at 11, my bestie and I head out and sit on the hoods of our cars and talk for a while. Around 11:40, I realize I need to leave.

Oh no, the car's out of gas. Lucky for me, there's a really overpriced BP right on the corner! Although it's like fifteen cents more expensive than any other gas station around, it's on my route, and I always go there. It costs a lot to fill my tank, but I swipe my parents' credit card; after all, I have to drive, right? As I continue on my journey home, I blast the Chainsmokers so that everyone knows I'm cool and have a fun music taste but also realizes that I don't listen to that trash rap stuff.

After my nightly route, I crawl into bed, plugging in my iPhone before I do so, and, just before I fall asleep, I think to myself, out of a fog of stress, "Damn, I forgot to set out my outfit for tomorrow AGAIN."