I did not always refer to myself as a Libertarian. At one point, I would have called myself a fairly proud Conservative. Over the years, however, I have seen the error of my ways.

In 1962, Ronald Reagan said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me." Well, I have similar feelings toward modern-day Conservatives. I do not think that I have changed, I think that I still have the same values, but the precious Republican Party somehow got lost in the crossfire between unnecessary wars and an overbearing belief system regarding social issues. It is unfortunate, but all factors considered I had to cross over "the line". My social views are simply "too liberal" for these new age Conservatives.

I have identified as a Libertarian for a few years now, and with every year that passes, I feel more and more frustration. From the undeniable ignorance of millennials to the stupid questions I have received (from all ages), I have had about enough. My patience has worn very thin in the last few months since the life-altering 2016 Presidential Election, and now that President Trump (God, that feels weird to say) has officially taken office, I feel like the anger and the ignorance (from both sides) has been reignited right before my eyes.

Some days I am more irritated with the Conservatives, while other days I loathe the Liberals, but at the end of each day, I am thoroughly reminded as to why I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. And while I recognize that my beliefs may not align with ALL Libertarians out there (we are a pretty diverse bunch), this is what it feels like to be a Libertarian on a daily basis (for me, anyway).

When somebody asks you "what is a libertarian"?

The face you make when somebody doesn't understand "the point" of a third party

Trying to make friends but realizing that you are so far from normal

When a democrat says that you're "too conservative"

When a republican says that you're "too liberal"

When all the Republicans you once admired endorsed Trump during the election

When a fellow Libertarian gave in and voted for Clinton or Trump

When Gary Johnson inevitably lost the election

Thinking about the future of this country like

When everything you post on Facebook gets attacked

When your Liberal/Conservative friends keep tagging you in pointless political posts

Facebook in general

Trying to explain to Conservatives the importance of LGBQT rights (aka HUMAN RIGHTS)

Trying to explain the concept of "personal freedoms" to Democrats

When you realize just how Conservative your state really is

When talking to the tolerant left

The face you make when a Conservative says that Trump isn't sexist

Trying to talk to Feminazis like

Trying to explain to Republicans that marijuana is a GOOD thing

When someone calls Edward Snowden a traitor

The face you make when Democrats say that the Affordable Care Act is a good thing

When a Conservative says that their religious freedom is in jeopardy because someone asked them to bake a cake for a gay couple

When a Liberal is convinced that gun control actually works

Trying to explain the importance of "Black Lives Matter" to the close-minded

When the U.S. gets involved in ANOTHER unnecessary war

When you finally realize that Taylor was actually talking about being a libertarian in the song "22"

Despite the opposition and constant Facebook battles I get dragged into, I am content with my choice to be a Libertarian. I know my views probably confuse most of my friends and family, and that is perfectly fine with me.

I have a dream that one day this great nation won't run on the fuel of a wretched two-party system. And until that day comes I will proudly post my opinions and poke fun at BOTH the Republican and the Democratic party alike. Stay tuned my liberal and conservative friends, if I have not offended you yet, it is only a matter of time.