Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has impacted lots of people, and makes it hard for them to live their day to day lives. The signs and symptoms might start showing from a young age, or may appear when you’re an adult. The fact is, it sucks. It’s already taken me just about five minutes to write one sentence because I started thinking about something else, or looking at something else.

You wake up, and you start to think about your day and make that itinerary in your head that you will most likely forget about 78 times throughout the day. You open up your planner, and look at what you need to get done. Oh look, Sarah texted you, you better reply. While you’re on your phone you might as well scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and plan your wedding on Pinterest. One hour goes by and you think to yourself “What were you doing again? Oh yeah, looking at your planner and starting your day.”

OK, so you’re back on track now, and making a game plan. You will start writing this assignment that’s due in a few days, get it done, and have so much free time. HAHA, you only thought though. As you start writing your name, and the first paragraph, your mind starts to wonder about literally anything else other than the Microsoft Word blank document in front of you. “I should really go to the gym today, or maybe cook a meal for once,” you think to yourself as you procrastinate so hard.

THE PAPER, YES, you go back to writing your paper and finally finish it after a good three hours that could’ve been done in one if you weren’t day dreaming about other irrelevant things. You now reward yourself with finishing your homework, and hang out with your pals. Your friend talks to you and tells you a super important story, you try your best to listen to them, and at the end of the story she looks at you for your response. SH*T, you only paid attention to a few words she said. You nod your head and say a general response, only for your friend to get mad at you and notice you weren’t hearing anything.

Now it’s time to go to dinner, you are starving and can’t wait to grab your keys and go meet your friends at the restaurant. You are getting ready to head out the door, and you can’t find your keys anywhere. You flip your bedroom upside down only to find it in your back pocket. You drive to the restaurant, and you notice all your friends are leaving and have to-go boxes. You went at the wrong time, and you also forgot it was one of their birthdays.

Being constantly distracted is a great time. (SARCASM) There are many ways to help stay focused, from medications to natural remedies. In summarization though, my days are full of forgetfulness and distractions, and many other people have to deal and cope with it.