We all know and love the show "Friends." It is most likely because of the relatable-ness and honesty of the show. Well, it can relate to college a whole lot, too.

1. Because let's be honest, none of us actually want to college nor adult.

2. The freshman 15 never really stopped at 15... or at freshman year.

3. When you are taking a test and have no idea what you are reading.

4. When you pass a cute guy/girl on campus:

5. To that one professor...

6. When it is raining, your class is all the way across campus, you have a test at 8 a.m., and the bus just drove off without you on it.

7. Meeting new people freshman year.

8. When it is senior year and you are still single.

9. Last but not least, it will always be there for you.