Prepping for a college exam is the most stressful situation for any student to deal with. While getting good grades in high school was a breeze, it's not so much the same in college. Knowing now that your grade in your classes is only determined by your grades on three exams, you're a little more stress prone than before. I guarantee you, you're not the first person to cram for an exam and fail it, and you surely won't be the last. Hey, I didn't know it was possible to get C's until my Sophomore year of college.

We always tell ourselves that we'll do better next time for our exams, that we'll actually start studying a week in advance so we won't have to cram the day before. We tell ourselves all these things hoping it'll convince us to follow through, but it doesn't. Most of us will wait until the last minute, and because of this, we have to pay the consequences. We get into our exams and our best bet is to circle C for everything. Mathematically, we have a good chance of at least passing the test. Welcome to the thought process that most college kids will experience the day before a huge exam:

1. It's 8 A.M., I have plenty of time.

2. *Back to bed*

3. It's 12 P.M., okay, it's time.

4. *Goes on Twitter/Facebook*

5. It's been an hour! How??

6. Okay, concentrate, you can do this.

7. You're a tiger! Wait...

8. I have to listen to "Eye of the Tiger" now.

9. I need help.

10. Should I order food before I start?

11. I can't do this.

12. *Calculates lowest grade possible on exam to still pass class*

13. I could always join a rock band.

14. When did we cover all this material?

15. Okay, I know most of this information.

16. *Forgets an hour later*

17. Well, I thought I knew it.

18. I need Jesus.

19. Coffee and ice cream sounds good right now.

20. Tomorrow is not going to go well.

21. Hey, I tried.