DAVIS ELVIN ROMA DR05 SERIES Leading the Italian Fashion
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DAVIS ELVIN ROMA DR05 SERIES Leading the Italian Fashion



For watch lovers, they often have to face thousands of brands when deciding on their favorite watch. Some brands make watches with various complicated functions, but they do not pay attention to the essential one - keeping accurate time. In most cases, the wearer needs to spend time on figuring out how to use the watch with those fancy extras , which is a lousy experience for users.

Nowadays, the public has long been familiar with the pursuit of fashion. In addition to having stable performance, watches, as a piece of accessory that can show their identity, are expected to have a certain degree of fashion vibe to play the role. The brand DAVIS ELVIN from Milan, Italy, comes into being to the public eye. The designer DAVIS ELVIN, born into a fashion design family, founded the DAVIS ELVIN brand after accumulating plenty of experience. He combines fashion art with watch craftsmanship, focusing on watch design of niche trends.

In April 2021, DAVIS ELVIN launched the DR05 series watches after years of diving in the watch world , covering DR05-1, DR05-2, DR05-3 and other models. Although the models are named after numbers, DR05-1, DR05-2, DR05-3 have completely different color schemes and design concepts. DR05-1 is with “Po’s light” blue and simple lines, DR05-2 with the unique Milan white and urban silhouette, and the minimalist DR05-3 with “Monet’s sunrise” red. DAVIS ELVIN integrates different fashion colors and designs for each model of the watch.

More than that, the DR05 series also brings brand-new movement - the ETA2824-2 movement from Switzerland. With a functional reserve of up to 38 hours, and 30 meters of water resistance, further ensures the watch to be more stable and accurate. The DR05 series watches reserve a date display window at 6 o’clock on the dial. Even in dark, the hands and digital scales covered with Super-Luminova are still clearly visible, allowing users to easily check the time and date at any time.

The DR05 series have a diameter of 41.5MM*50.15MM, which is the best size for men's wrists, good for a long time wearing in different occasions in daily life. Thanks to carbon fiber case, the weight of each watch is only 102g, which brings a lighter experience. Moreover, the FKM strap brings softer and more comfortable wearing.

Now DAVIS ELVIN is striving to create more possibilities for users, such as colorful FMK straps and special nylon webbing which are for DR05 series, more luminous art and more distinctive design. One can DIY their own DE watch. DAVIS ELVIN may bring new experiences in the future, let’s stay tuned.

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