Seeing someone with a child is far different than seeing someone without. They have a different set of roles and responsibilities than most people do, and you'll quickly learn your relationship doesn't just involve you. Here are seven things you should know when getting involved with someone who has a child.

1. The kids will always come first

And that's exactly the way it should be. If you can't handle not being your significant other's first priority 24/7, then you might not be the person best suited for this relationship. You have to learn to put your own needs second.

2. Life is easier when you respect the other parent

It takes two to tango, and two to make a child. Hopefully, you're in a situation where as both parents are still happily involved in their children's lives. In that case, life is ten times easier when you respect the other parent. After all, you're becoming involved in their child's life, and they could easily decide they don't want you in the picture.

3. You won't replace the other parent

Unless the other parent is totally uninvolved in their child's life, they already have a mom and dad; they don't need a new one. As a child of divorced parents, I hated when my Dad's girlfriends tried becoming my new Mom when I already had one. You're not their new Mommy or Daddy just because you're dating one of their parents.

4. Kids aren't all fun and smiles

Just like we have bad days, kids have bad days. Sometimes they'll cry, whine and not understand how they feel. You have to be patient and understanding.

5. And sometimes they'll misbehave

No matter how angelic they may act the first time you're around them, no child is perfect all the time. Even the best-behaved kids can be bad sometimes. In those moments you have to breathe, keep your cool, and not overstep your boundaries.

6. On that note, understand there are boundaries

Having open and clear communications with BOTH parents will clear any confusion on what those boundaries may be.

7. Kids are so easy to fall in love with

Kids have a special way of creeping into your heart before you even realize it's happening. Soon, you'll find yourself loving them in a way you didn't know you could love before, and it's so rewarding.