5 Hot Redheads

When you see a redhead walking down the street, your eyes almost immediately go straight towards them. They are so beautiful and different, it is so hard to look away. I love my boyfriend's red hair that shines so brightly when we go out in the sunlight. He may look like Chucky some mornings when he wakes up but for most of the others, he is a handsome man who deserves all of the compliments in the world. If you have a redheaded person in your life, show them some love, they deserve it.

1. They have amazing colored hair.

This one is the most obvious feature but have you ever tried to dye your hair red and it turns out looking like your middle school self did it with a sharpie? Yeah, no, you can't mimic this kind of glorious sparkling orange/red. The best part about redheads is that their hair can be so many different shades of blonde, red, and orange. No redhead is ever the same.

2. They burn easily, so they will stay inside with you and watch Netflix.



More often than not, you will see a redhead opt out of going outside in favor of staying inside cuddling while watching Netflix.

3. The theory redheads have a higher pain tolerance



I haven't found solid research and evidence that suggests this is completely true, but I have found from personal experience that redheads do have more of a tolerance for heat. How cool is it that we basically live with real-life superheroes?

4. Redheads make better life partners.



Anyone who had red hair growing up will tell you that there was and always has been a stereotype that redheads are unattractive, which from I've seen, is the exact opposite. Redheads possess this unnaturally ambient glow around them and people's eyes follow them as they move through a room.

5. They have ALL the confidence.



After years of torture in grade school, redheads finally get the chance to thrive in the real world. People see them when they walk into a room, exuding confidence that can only come from the energy their hair is giving off.

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