Dating/Life Tips From A Millennial Woman

If you really know me then you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about relationships. I mean I may have only been in like one and a half relationships and had my first kiss at 17; I hate the idea of being around one person like all the time and I am in no way mushy gushy about anything. But here are some things I have learned from what I have been involved in.

First off, if a guy asks you out and you don’t like him at all in that way, you should really be straightforward about it. Don’t tell them you gave up dating for Lent then think they’ll forget all about you by then. The person most likely will forget but if you have someone who is really persistent, like the one I told the little fib to, then the day Lent is over they ask you out. Then it gets kinda awkward. It's even more awkward though when you tell them that and then you wind up in a relationship a month later and then they question you about how you’re dating someone. And then you feel like a really big jerk. It’s so much easier if you just say no the first time (kindly, hey they had the courage to ask) learn from my mistakes kiddos.

If all that’s going on in your relationship is sexual then are you really in a relationship? I mean you are, but is it a healthy relationship or is it something that will leave you more messed up in the end? There is so much more to a relationship than just being physical with each other. It’s not healthy any other way! I mean getting a kiss from your boyfriend is completely normal, but if all you do the entire time you're together is lock lips or have sex and nothing more you should really evaluate your relationship because it's probably not a relationship.

Don’t let being rejected or never asked out get you down. I mean it seriously sucks at times, but trust me, I’m still doing great. I mean, I’m sitting at home, single, and blogging on a Saturday night, but besides that I am great. So don’t go compare yourself to that girl that gets every guy, I mean there is nothing special about that especially if she gets with every guy. When guys go to get married they don’t want a girl whose has been with all of their friends plus the basketball team.

If you’re in a relationship and things just aren’t working out, don’t string the relationship out longer than necessary. I’ve made this mistake, it makes things so much more complicated. Most likely you’ve already lost a lot of feelings for that persons or maybe you’re already completely done with that person. It just makes it a lot harder and you will probably come out looking like a big jerk. Trust me.

Last but not least, don’t say things you don’t mean. Honestly don’t tell them you love them unless you mean it. Or forever and always. It may seem great at the time, but when things go wrong and you’re trying to end it they’ll most likely brings those things up and say so did you just lie about that? Just my tip is to think things through before you make a commitment like that by saying either of those things. Also, don’t do something with that person just because they tell you either of those. I’ve seen way too many people get hurt when things end after that, I’m not one of those people but just you don’t really want to have regrets or heartaches and that will most likely lead to both if rushed by feelings like that.

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