Everyone has been through relationships regardless of how long they lasted for. Some were the absolute worst, and some might have just ended "okay" because of the fact that you really couldn't care less at that point. It feels like you are dating all of these different types of frogs... and each one doesn't strike you, but when you finally go on a date with the prince, it does. It feels heavenly to just talk about anything and everything that comes to mind with your prince, and you feel like you broke the spell of never finding that one true love.

Finally, the prince ends up being your boyfriend and after three years of dating, you couldn't imagine ever being with anyone else. He is your best friend, and you spend more time with each other more than anyone else. You found a good guy and you feel lucky when it happens and you ask yourself, "how did this even happen?!" (Easy, our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and its been history ever since!)

He helps you, consoles you, laughs with you, plays pranks on you and never stops loving you. These good guys are the ones that you see yourself with for the rest of your life. They are not the ones that come and go, but they are the ones that stay for good. He will always make sure you are smiling and will do anything to prevent a frown. Once you have dated a good guy, all your other relationships make sense on why they fell apart. You learned your lessons with them and it just enhances your current relationship. You learn to sacrifice, and you learn that there may be rough patches but it was all experiences to prepare you for your current relationship. It helps set a strong foundation to build your relationship.

It may not be easy finding the good guy, but you just have to be patient and let the universe do its magic. When I got set up on a blind date, I thought my friend was pulling a joke on me and it turned out to be a so far, 3 year relationship and counting. You won't meet him right away and it seems like you will give up sometimes.

You have to weed out the bad to find the good and eventually the good guy you are destined to be with will surface. For once, you will be happy you found your one true love.