On March 26, 2018, Daniel Gafford announced to the world that he would be foregoing an opportunity in the NBA Draft to continue to play basketball at the University of Arkansas his sophomore year. He was expected by many to be a "one and done" player, meaning he would play one year collegiately and then enter the draft. However, he decided not to do this, and let me tell you, Arkansas basketball fans are PUMPED.

Daniel Gafford has a capability to ignite Bud Walton Arena unlike anyone else. Something as simple as a dunk or a block can get the crowd fired up, and once that happens, everything else seems to fall into place and the Hogs are nearly unstoppable. Not only is he able to get the audience excited, but he is a vital piece in the puzzle Mike Anderson has created.

Last season he averaged 11.8 points per game and shot over 60% from the field. So to say that Razorback fans are excited is an understatement. But there is so much more to be excited about than just what happens on the court. His deciding to stay around another year means he truly loves Arkansas as much as Arkansas loves him.

Daniel (or Dan, I've been told you like to go by Dan), we're all so thrilled you decided to return. While we would have 100% supported you if you had decided to go pro, we would have always wondered what could have been. Watching you play is magical. We feed off of you, and in turn, it seems like you feed off of us. You give us incredible game day experiences, and we honestly can't wait for more. More dunks. More windmills. More blocks. More everything. We were all so scared we would lose that after one year, but now we aren't.

There is no telling where this team will be at this time next year. We're losing six seniors, who will all be dearly missed, but we're also gaining some incredible incoming freshmen who are looking forward to playing with you. I truly believe this team is going to do some wonderful things next season, and Dan, I'm glad you'll be wearing that Razorback jersey another year and taking part in what is yet to come. I'm sure it took lots of consideration to make this decision, but let me just say - welcome back Daniel Gafford. We sure are glad to have you.