We live in 2017. 2018 is right on its way. We need to be more intellectually diverse, open to different ideas or ideals. However, it seems the opposite have been happening in this day and age. Now people are afraid of speaking their political views, or presenting their opinion in an organized matter. They are afraid of failing, get shunned, or publicly embarrassed because their own belief system.

If we shun other idea or views, even hateful, then we never knew what was considered hateful to begin with. Someone can't just force people to only hear their view or side of the story, then agree with it regardless. This is when you are forcing someone to not be who they are. It is essentially like a small utilitarian utopia where you are worried about what you are allowed to say.

You can not even tell jokes sometimes without fear a formal complaint will be made. Things meant to be taken lightly can now be seen as sexist, insensitive, morally offensive, verbally offensive, homophobic, racial insensitive, xenophobic, privileged, fascist, communist, etc. Yes, some of these labels are bad. However, you can make an adjective describing almost any word in the dictionary and try labeling as offensive.

It has gotten to a point where people can be called racist or fascist for pointing out statistical facts. While I am not much of a fan of the current political spectrum, free speech is under attack. People are becoming printed copies of each other and it doesn't inspire innovation or us moving forward as a society.