To The Dancer Who Won't Receive A Degree In Dance

To The Dancer Who Won't Receive A Degree In Dance

Not every dancer will make a career out of this sport, but I advise them to continue dancing throughout life.

Julia Kuziw

Dancing is a great activity for not just the body but the mind also. Whether you have danced for 5 or 15 years, I advise not to give it up. Think about this decision while putting on your favorite song. Let your feet sweep across the floor; you will soon realize how much dance is a part of you. This feeling is something you should never let go of.

If you have a true passion, this is something so special. Not everyone gets to find a sport, hobby, or activity that they love to do. Never let go of this passion; it is something to rely on during good or bad days. Not only does dance have a positive effect on your mood, it has taught you so many life lessons that you should never let go. Dancing has taught you so much more than alignment, precision, and rhythm. Dance has taught you to brush yourself off and get up when you fall down, determination and persistence, how to respect others, overcoming fears, and how to work together in a team.

These are life lessons that you can keep in your back pocket throughout your life. Dance leaves such a great impact on everyone, and you have worked too hard and learned too much to give it up now.

You have put in a lot of hard work through your dance journey, but do not let this guilt you into thinking you must major in dance throughout your college life. Everyone has other passions they should look to pursue. Just keep in mind there are so many opportunities to continue dancing. Minoring in dance is a great option, as well as joining a dance team or performance company. Some gyms at universities offer dance classes, but if your school does not, there is always open space to dance at the gym. If you live close to a local studio, do not be afraid to take classes. If you go to school in or near a city, there is definitely many opportunities to offer.

Dancing is something that should never be given up; it has so many social, mental, and physical benefits for an individual. When you are having a good or bad day, dancing is there to rely on and relieve stress or let out emotions. It is okay if you decide to pursue a career of your choice, but always remember that there are so many opportunities that several schools offer to continue this beneficial sport.

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