These Zodiac Candles Will Connect You To The Universe
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This Is The Candle That Will Ignite Your Connection To The Universe, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ignite your inner light!

This Is The Candle That Will Ignite Your Connection To The Universe, According To Your Zodiac Sign

As amazing as summer is, I am a December baby! The summer was beautiful but it made me miss my season of winter. I came across Audrey Kitching's shop, Crystal Cactus, in which she sells homemade candles featuring a unique collection of candles based on your zodiac sign.

I bought the Sagittarius candle and I could feel the spirit of my zodiac dancing within. It was real!

I didn't doubt it for a second as Audrey Kitching is a divine artist who puts her heart and soul in all of her creations.

I've been buying her candles for years and have never had a problem. Always be careful about what you are burning in your sacred space. Audrey Kitching's homemade candles are all hand-poured and made of soy.

She fills every candle with crystals, flowers, essential oils, and all of her beautiful vibes.

She even has her own brand of candles called GUIDELESS. Her passion for holistic wellness and ascension is beyond her creations. In other words, you have to experience her work firsthand to truly understand the enchantment of her art.

The Sagittarius Zodiac candle made me feel a lot better about being so far from my season. I finally felt like myself again and would highly recommend you all to try at least once!

She doesn't use the traditional "birthstones" most of all have seen especially in a jewelry catalog.

Audrey uses specific crystals she works with to help deliver the Sun energy back to the lighter.

She also has a garden where she grows the plants she uses for the natural oils of the candle.


Aries can sometimes get so firey that they end up being all over the place. With Aquamarine, it helps Aries center their fire energy back to themself. Aries is a fire sign, but that doesn't mean their fire should be in places it doesn't belong.


Zodiac Crystal Candle

Taurus is always going out of their way to help others and sometimes that can bring an unbalance. With the Carnelian, this can help ground the Taurus, which is their favorite feeling. When a Taurus feels grounded they feel at home.


Zodiac Crystal Candle

Being a Gemini is like being an innate chameleon. Sometimes a Gemini loses their sense of self-worth throughout the back and forth. With the Emerald, it helps remind the Gemini that at the end of the day they are very special.


Zodiac Crystal Candle

Sometimes the compassionate Cancer ends up taking on other people's emotions to help. The Moonstone helps bring the Cancer back to their natural state of love - a place that feels safe to them.


The lioness Leo is always out protecting their loved ones and sometimes they can feel a little burned out. The Citrine helps bring the high vibrational energy back into the Leo's life as a form of rejuvenation.


Virgo's love their details but sometimes can get lost it all of it. The Moss Agate helps smooth out their details so they can find their way back to themself.


Libra is all about balance and maintaining their environment. However, sometimes life does its thing and there is chaos. The Rose Quartz helps comfort the Libra through necessary trying times during their journey onto their next chapter.


Scorpio thrives off of darkness, but sometimes there aren't the friendliest encounters in the dark. The Labradorite helps protect Scorpio from any negative energy while enjoying the peacefulness of a dark night.


A Sagittarius loves to be free - so free to be able to express their true self. Sometimes life can feel a bit stagnant and Lapis helps a Sagittarius feel free enough to continue to express their self.


Capricorns are extremely hard working and can sometimes be too hard on themselves. Black Tourmaline helps repel any negative energies that could be bringing them down from their hustle. A Capricorn is happiest in their success.


The airy Aquarius is always going with the many winds it's how they feel most at ease. The calming Hematite helps ground Aquarius when they've lost touch of their own breeze.


Pisces love to be emersed in the flow of their emotions it's like their rhythm. The finetuning Amethyst protects Pisces from any negative emotions and helps clear blockages so their flow can get back to the beat of their drum.

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