Photos of pets that will make you happy

8 animal Photos I've Taken That will make your day brighter

For as long as I can remember, I've loved animals. I would attempt to play with every cat and dog in sight. And when my mom began to work with local humane societies and shelters, that love grew even more. I began to combine my love for pets and photography as soon as I bought my first camera. All of these sweet little guys mean the world to me and I thought there would be no better place to share the best photos of them. Get ready for your puppy fever to be completely out of control. These adorable faces are guaranteed to make you smile.


1. Beau the Mini Goldendoodle

Selby Proctor

My little man is the most loving, craziest pup on the planet. Clearly, he loves the camera.

2. Hannon the Golden Retriever

Selby Proctor

Hannon loves smiling. She is the queen of zipping around the yard and giving huge hugs.

3. Cookie the Brown Tabby

Selby Proctor

Look at that face! This picture always makes my heart melt.

4. Boone the Great Pyrenees

Selby Proctor

Even though Boone is now about 10 times the size he was in this pic, he still has those sweet puppy eyes.

5. Otis the Orange Tabby

Selby Proctor

Otis is my neighbor's cat who always comes over to enjoy our front porch and a little sunshine.

6. Leo the Grey Tabby

Selby Proctor

This picture was taken last fall when Leo was just a baby. Today, he's a little bigger and still just as sleepy.

7. Teak the Golden Retriever

Selby Proctor

Teak is the goofiest Golden I've ever met. His cute blonde ears blow in the wind when he races around the backyard.

8. Bunny the Grey Tabby

Selby Proctor

Clearly creativity was not my strong suit at the age of five. I saw that little bunny tail and went with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Hopefully these pictures make your day better and your heart happier. I'm thankful my friends and family adopt all of the kitties and puppies I wish I could adopt myself. For now, I'll be the one to take all of their pics and dog-sit them on the weekends.

Cover Image Credit:

Selby Proctor

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