Cute Bongs: Different Types and How They Work
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Cute Bongs: Different Types and How They Work

Cute Bongs

Cute Bongs: Different Types and How They Work


Bongs are one of the top ways to enjoy smoking cannabis and other types of products. However, your session may become boring due to the plain design of your bong. Luckily, many cute bongs are available on the market to make your smoking experience interesting.

Cute bongs also help you host parties easily by adding to the aesthetics. The best part is that you can enjoy a wide variety when it comes to cute bongs. So here is everything you need to know about the primary types of such water bottle bongs and how you can use them.

Types Of Cute Bongs

  • 1.Zongs

Zongs are mainly zig-zag bongs that are available at various shops. Its unique feature is the zig-zag-shaped neck that allows the smoke to travel a greater distance. This helps it cool down before reaching your mouth so that you can enjoy a pleasant session.

Your throat will not experience much irritation because of the cooling. Meanwhile, the flavor of your substance will also be better. Another benefit is that zongs also prevent splashback of various materials.

So you can enjoy a cute bong with high functionality when buying zongs for your party or personal smoking sessions.

  • 2.Moon-Shaped Bongs

These cute bongs are mainly designed using glass to help you look cooler. The primary feature of this item is that it will have a moon-shaped neck to offer a greater surface area for smoke. It will allow you to enjoy a stronger hit while maintaining the aesthetics.

You can take cool pictures with your moon-shaped bong, which usually comes in multiple colors. Females tend to buy cute pink bongs to show their feminine side. Of course, the device also comes in colors for men or unisex versions.

Moon-shaped bongs usually come in small to medium sizes. So they are also portable if you want to take them to a friend's house or another place.

  • 3.Bubblers

A bubbler is designed mainly for people who prefer the portable mini bong because of its small size. The best part is that this item comes in various versions, so you can enjoy a wide variety. Heart-shaped bubblers are mainly designed for joint smoking.

Such small bongs make your joint last longer and ensure you get a stronger hit. These devices don't have percolators, but you can also get special percolator bubblers on the market. The best part about this cute bong is that you can fit it anywhere easily.

Bubblers also do not filter your smoke, so you can enjoy the particles better. Some bubblers may also make you cough, which is why some smokers prefer to get a stronger hit.

  • 4.Colorful Bongs

Another type of cute bong you will come across is a colorful bong. These cute bongs are designed in the same way as standard glass bongs. However, they are not transparent like other devices on the market.

Instead, colorful bongs are tinted with one or more colors to make your smoke look more interesting. They are mainly for people who throw parties often and want people to take cool pictures with the bong. One of the prevalent types you will see is a triple-colored bong.

Such cute bong mainly has green, orange, and red shades that make your bong look more charming. Of course, other color options are also available, depending on the shop.

  • 5.Teardrop Bongs

Teardrop bongs are also cute and designed for solo smokers because of their small size. You can enjoy a pleasant session without worrying about handling a large bong. The base is primarily tear-shaped, giving the bong its name.

The bottom of teardrop bongs is its skinniest part, which aids the smoking session. This is because it allows the most efficient diffusion of water in bongs. Some teardrop bongs may also look inverted, which adds to the item’s cuteness.

This item may be small, but it makes the same sound as standard bongs. Your smoking experience will not be hindered by the small size, and you can get the same feel as a large bong at a more cost-effective price.

  • 6.Multichambered Bongs

Another top bong variety includes multichambered bongs, which allow you to enjoy filtered smoke. So you can rest assured that the final smoke will not contain harmful combustion products. Your throat will also not face irritation when using this bong.

The best part about multichambered bongs is that the different chambers make them more efficient. Your smoking substance will also last longer because of the better diffusion. The best part is that you can also enjoy cuteness due to the high design variety.

Multichambered bongs are also usually tall and designed to help a group of people smoke cannabis and other products. So it is an excellent option if you frequently smoke with your friends.

How Do Cute Bongs Work?

All cute bongs have a small bowl that contains your smoking substance. This is typically cannabis because of the high demand. Meanwhile, the tall chamber is used for holding water.

Lighting the smoking substance will cause the water to form bubbles and produce flavorful smoke. You can inhale this through the mouthpiece to enjoy a good smoking session.

The primary purpose of the water is to make the smoke smoother so that it does not irritate your throat or cause inflammation. You can use warm or cold water with the bong, depending on your preference.

Remember that cute bongs come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. However, the working mechanism of all cute bongs is relatively the same.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about cute bongs and how they work. Wide varieties are present on the market because of the high demand for cool bongs. You can use an online shop to get cute bongs at a reasonable price.

The best part is that most cute bongs are portable and can be easily used anywhere. Colorful bongs are also adorable and suitable for parties because they make the smoke look colorful.

So be sure to consider your needs while choosing the best cute bong. Of course, you don’t have to worry about a complex mechanism. Cute bongs are pretty easy to use.

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