To The Girls Who Said I Need Better Content, I Hope This Makes You Happy

A couple weeks ago my article, "Yes, I Have 2 Popsockets And Yes, It Is A Way Of Life" got posted on Odyssey's Facebook page. As I always do, I read the comments on the Facebook post to see what other people were saying about my article, but to my surprise, these comments were very negative.

The comments said things like, "This is just dumb," "We only ever see this crap," and "They really need new and better content." The last comment really got me thinking about how I can improve my writing and the content I create and then it hit me.

So to the girls who asked for better content, here it is:

1. Kitty contortionist

2. Baby Pig

3. When they call your name at Starbucks

4. When the temperature drops below 30 degrees

5. When your bestie comes home from college

6. When your friends ask you for advice

7. When you hear someone say your name

8. When it's too cold outside for you to function

9. When you try to be athletic

I hope this article satisfies all of the expectations that you have set for me. If not, oh well. I write content that meets the expectations that I have set for MYSELF and that my community has set for me and that's enough to make me happy.

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