Custom Printable Calendar Maker
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Custom Printable Calendar Maker

Welcome to the printable calendar maker! Below you can choose your month, along with any popular events or holidays you would like to add, and we will create a large calendar that you can easily modify with your own events and print!

Custom Printable Calendar Maker


Welcome to the printable calendar maker! Below you can choose your month, along with any popular events or holidays you would like to add, and we will create a large calendar that you can easily modify with your own events and print!

Monthly Calendar

As soon as a new year approaches, I love to get organized and set goals. I always print out a monthly calendar and stick it on the fridge. It helps me to keep my ducks in a row! I also print out a Calendar for each month as well. It’s so much easier when you plan in advance!

At the end of every year, I love to print out a monthly calendar and begin to get organized/set goals for the year to come. These blank calendars give you a great look over the month and include a spot to take a few notes at the bottom. They are perfect for planners who like to do things on pen and paper. While I do LOVE my google calendar, it’s definitely nice to have these print-out monthly calendars as well.

The printout includes a black and white calendar, as well as a turquoise calendar. Feel free to download whichever version you prefer. I recommend that you print out the calendars on card stock so that they are more sturdy. You can also laminate them or place them in sheet protectors to keep them safe.

About Printable Calendar | www.

On our, you can customize your calendar however you wish. You can also see the current year’s calendar and holidays on the top side of the website. Our website just fits you if you would like to plan all of your activities before happens or if you are a forgetful person and want to note your duties, plans, and activities.

How to print a monthly calendar?

Introduction: On this page, you are going to get some information about how to use our calendars easily. These processes are already prepared by us and ready to use without any bugs or issues. On the other hand, you should keep in your mind that in case you accidentally close our website or something happened to your computer, you should not be afraid. Because with our perfect system, whatever you write on the calendar will be saved automatically. This means you do not have to write them again because they are already saved and did not disappear. Another thing that some of our users struggle with is skipping to the bottom line on the same day. All you have to do is click the “Enter” button. With this process done, you are now free to write different notes on the same day.

Select Date: All you should do is click some buttons to do this with your mouse. You can easily change the month if you wish by clicking on the arrow buttons sides of the current month's name. Or you can simply click the "Change Date" button and can choose the year, and a month or under the quick nav tab, you can click the previous, current, or next month which helps you to change the monthly calendar easily.

Add Holidays: If you click on the "Add Holidays" button, you can pick your country or other countries from the list and select the official federal holidays which means non-working days or holidays and some observances. But keep that in your mind to choose a selection. Because if you only pick the country and did not pick the holiday type, the holidays will not be appearing on the calendar. After these steps, click the confirm button and that is it! The holidays of the selected country will come up on the calendar automatically.

Monthly Formats

Monthly Blank Calendars

A monthly blank calendar is very easy to customize. You can download your calendar as an image or pdf file. Also, you can print the calendar from our website by using the buttons on your keyboard which are CTRL+P, or by clicking the Print button. We created this website to help people without demanding anything which means you do not have to pay the charge or donate money to us. It is completely free to use and without a subscription. This makes our website very precious when you compare our website to other websites considering the benefits. Because every minute of our life is very valuable and our website is very practical. Customizing your calendar on our website is very easy and that was what we thought while we are creating the website.

Monthly Printable Calendars (Editable)

On the top of our website, you can see the Printable Calendar button. When you click it with your mouse or using your touchpad, you will see the current monthly calendar which you can easily customize. A printable calendar is an easy way to create your own personalized Monthly Calendar for your special days. Reaching it is just one click away via the print button from the top of the site. It also consists of special holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s day, etc.

USA Federal and State Holidays

We also keep the 2022, and 2023 Holidays sections up to date in case you wonder about the exact dates of the USA Federal and State Holidays this year. After you click the Holidays button, you are going to see a table that includes the exact date of the holiday, which day is it going to be, and which holiday it is. Under the table, you can also see the other years' holidays. We always keep our website as efficient as we can and try to help people or organizations to make them happy. Our support and developer teams are working so hard to keep the website stable. If you face any problem or any hard situation feel free to ask us from the Contact tab. Thanks for choosing us!

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