Custom Neon Signs | A Creative and Evergreen Lighting Trend
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Custom Neon Signs | A Creative and Evergreen Lighting Trend

Luminous tubes of gas discharge contain neon and a combination of some other gases like carbondioxide, helium and hydrogen to illuminate.

Evergreen Lighting Trend

From filament to LED, the lighting system has evolved a lot with high efficiency and low power consumption features. With the introduction of every new technology, old ones naturally start losing customer base but some things remain evergreen. Just like custom neon lights that are still in demand despite aggressive market occupancy by LED. From their introduction in 1910 to the current time period, neon signs have strongly held their customers. Let's understand why neon signs are still on the bucket list of advertisers and even home decoration.

Why should you invest in neon lighting?

There is not just one but multiple reasons to consider neon lights in your priority while shopping for some fancy lighting. We are enlisting some of the most significant points here:-

  • They are conveniently highly customizable according to the requirement.
  • Talking about durability, custom neon signs have an average lifespan between 10-15 years.
  • Multiple options of colors are available to embellish.
  • Neon sign tubes illuminate with very low temperatures. Therefore, they are also safe to use at home.

How to order neon lights online?

It is not necessary to depend on the limited options available in the local market if you have access to better quality. Many companies are now selling neon lights online. A reliable custom neon signs supplier will offer some customization options before placing an order. Please read them and prepare yourself for the first-time online neon lights shopping experience.

  • Text or design you want along with size expectations.
  • Choose between rectangle, cutout or base stand.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. The outdoor signs are usually more expensive because of their high endurance.
  • Select whether you need a neon light with a single color or color change feature.
  • Select a font that suits your requirement appropriately.

Different types of neon lights you can buy

  • Traditional neon light signs
  • LED neon light signs

The traditional designs of neon lights are made up of glass tubes filled with inert gases and electrodes on each end. When current passes through these electrodes, gases between them illuminate.

LED neon light signs on the other hand work in a different way. They are made up of LED strips of neon. They are flexible enough to design in any desired shape whenever you want. Talking about the appearance, both traditional and LED neon signs looks the same. We recommend LED technology because of its high flexibility and durability as compared to glass.

Considerable factors while buying custom neon lights

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is space available at indoor or outdoor locations.
  • Are they providing enough options in colors, fonts and designs? Modern neon sign strips are highly customizable according to the need of every location.
  • Request them to provide images of video footage of recently done jobs.
  • Make sure that the neon sign you are buying is coming with a warranty period. If there is a base stand or acrylic backing, include them in the warranty.

I hope this information is enough for shopping for custom neon signs online for the first time. Don't forget to invest some time in searching for top brands and reviews of their customers.

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