17 Things All Current Alabama Freshman Wouldn’t Have Recognized About UA Four Years Ago

In the past four years, the University of Alabama has done a complete 180 in every aspect of its campus. There have been so many changes in the past four years that this years freshman class wouldn't have recognized the UA campus that now surrounds us. Some of these things were short-lived but will always be remembered in our hearts.

1. The transformation of sorority row

From Delta Gamma all the way down to Phi Mu, the transformation of the sorority row was completely different from what it was back in 2014. Most of the sorority houses have been rebuild into massive mansions to hold larger groups of girls coming in each year.

2. Coldstone that was on the Strip

Rest in Peace. Coldstone, which was located where Holler and Dash now stands was a popular spot for freshman during the summer.

3. The Locker Room that was where CVS is now

The Locker Room, an iconic gentlemen's clothing store now located downtown Tuscaloosa was located right where CVS was.

4. The old Sewell Thomas baseball stadium

The baseball stadium wasn't as glammed up as it was now. The Sewell Thomas baseball stadium use only seat 2,000 but now can seat up to 5,800 after the 2015 renvoations.

5. Phi Psi fraternity house just to the right of the stadium

The empty field next to the stadium used to be where the old Phi Psi uses to stand. It wasn't until last year that they moved their house down a few blocks on University Blvd.

6. Somerville Dorm

Somerville dorm, a co-ed dorm, used to be right across from Paty hall and was officially demolished on January 1st, 2017.

7. Gallettes as a whole

The whole layout of Gallettes has been changed over the years and just opened up an entirely new front and back room.

8. The Presidental Rec gym

The Presidental Rec gym was built right in between Presidental 1 and 2. This gym opened in 2015.

9. When the Tutwiler Starbucks use to be a dirt patch

A major throwback to when Tutwiler didn't have the convenience of having a Starbucks so close to them. This lot used to be just a dirt patch that was used for tailgating.

10. No Embassy Suites downtown

When there was no Embassy Suites, parents usually stayed in Birmingham or even in hotels miles away from campus.

11. The liquor store attached to Gallettes

There was once a liquor store right next to Gallettes where all freshman use to try and get their liquor from.

12. When the move for all freshman was to go to Harry's instead of the Booth

Monday and Tuesday nights were all about Harry's. You were able to find all your friends there on either one of those days.

13. When 348-RIDE was the only way to get home from the bars

Once upon a time, Uber was not a thing on our campus. The only way to get home was to wait for a 348-RIDE and sometimes that wasn't reliable so you would have to walk home with your friends.

14. Being able to sit wherever you want in the lower bowl

Forget about the wristbands, there were none. The only thing you needed was to know someone in the seating area to be able to sit.

15. Zipcar was the way you got around campus

Instead of using Uber to get around, Zipcar was your own personal car whenever you wanted it.

16. High Tide was the move, always.

Thursday to Saturday, you could always find the same group of people at High Tide. People would line up down the street to get into this shoebox of a bar.

17. Going to Old Bryce late at night

It was a big thing to go to Old Bryce late at night and see how long you could last in the deserted mental hospital. This years freshman will never know the fear of being inside Old Bryce.

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