The air is becoming crisper, snowflakes will soon replace the falling leaves, and, inevitably, you'll have to begin dodging your family's badgers over the missing "him" in this weather-changing equation. No worries, I'm a professional, single cuff-season survivor, and you can enjoy the winter season without a cuddle buddy.

Invest in a hobby

There is nothing more rewarding than baking, whether for ourselves, or for our loved ones. Although it's just about rocket science for me, the fireplace crackling as my vanilla-bean candle burns with the aroma of chocolate chip cookies filling the room, is more fulfilling than any significant other. It is mostly a mental investment than a financial one, at least for me, but it makes me happy.

Work more

Distractions, distractions, distractions! Work is self-fulfilling, keeps us preoccupied on cold days, and enables us to do my favorite thing: treating ourselves!

Treat yourself

Around here, we buy our own Honeygrow, our own Pandora bracelets, and our own pumpkin-spiced lattes. Learn to love hanging out with you, there is no place in our lives for a relationship until we've established a stable one with ourselves. Treating ourselves go beyond materialism, such as making time for a workout class, seeing friends, or whatever floats your boat because you are single and the world is in the palm of your hand.

Stop the comparing game

Ah, comparison, the true thief of joy. If you're tired of the couple domination on social media, then stop scrolling! We forget that everyone is at a different place in their lives, but the Universe has your back. Patience will get you through this cuff season single, and may have something, or someone, in store for you for next year.

Don't let familial, friend, or social media pressures of cuff season get to you, because anything you have to consciously search for, is not worth having. However, if you truly want to be cuffed this season, I suggest you start "swiping"! (Team Bumble)