Having grown up in Chicago, I have taken the CTA all over the city a copious amount of times. Whether it be to school, work or a friends house–with the use of buses and trains– the CTA can take me anywhere in the city I need to go. For me, the beauty of the CTA doesn't have to do with the convenience it provides to me when I need to get somewhere, but instead, is about the beauitful views from the Brown-line loop train.

Having lived in Chicago for about 10 years now, you would think that the views from the train I've taken a thousand times would get old– you would be wrong. No matter how many times I take the Brown-line train downtown, my eyes light up at the sight of the tall buildings, bright lights reflecting off the water of the Chicago River, and the cars zooming by as they try to keep up with the constant grind the city promotes. However, the views mean much more to me than just the outward beauty they show. The views from the Brown-line loop train keep me inspired to dream and make me look forward to what my future holds even during times of self doubt and discouragement.

At times when I may feel uninspired, mundane, and drained of motivation, it brings me great solace to know that a quick trip downtown on the Brown-line will quickly re-inspire me, add excitement back into my life, and get me planning for my future in a multitude of ways.

With my headphones in, music playing, and my eyes directed out the train window, I am able to enter an inspired mindset unlike any other. When you love a city as much as I love Chicago, any dream seems possible.

Just as Oprah Winfrey once said, "I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here." Ever since I have set foot in this city, I have known that Chicago is my motherland, my home, my future, and most of all- my inspiration.