Crown-Less Kings

For ships are the safest at bay but that's not why they're built, for trees have roots but they will die shooting for the heavens, for humans have hands and feet so we might as well learn how to use them. But as the world continues to accelerate, the choices become fewer, since everyday we find it better and safer to aim for what will get us the fastest results, that way we can relax and milk on the benefits by Friday at five, while allowing ourselves to become yet another good-looking, clean and lazy waste of human potential.

It is said that travelling can open our minds and make us confront our fears, it can can show us what great things are out there for us to experience or maybe how good of a life we already have. It can teach us to be thankful for things we've never paid attention to in the past and also make us realize of the futility of some of our customs. We might even feel how, little by little, our own eagerness for confrontation against common fears grows into the motivation we need to take on the REAL world. Because taking on the real world should be more than just making a "good" living. The real purpose of humans, and what should be our highest priority is finding the very best in ourselves, through hardships and challenges, because by doing so we are bettering the human raze as a whole, little by little we must respectfully climb the ladder mother nature is trying to guide us to.

As of now, we seem to have been fooled by our own vanity; believing that this corporate we have is somewhat better so why bother looking. "That man don't learn from the lessons of history is perhaps the most important of the lessons history has to teach us". And like that the circle repeats itself, we will most likely continue to let our egos get in the way of each other; mindlessly competing for a higher spot just so that we can rejoice on looking down at everyone, while completely unaware of what is still up there. Refusing to look, scare to look--not awake enough to actually see in spite of looking up. We move along, putting one foot in front of the other having only inertia to thank for it, as we put on whatever crown or title we can find on our heads.

We must remember that it is out there that great things are achieved, where nothing was to be build something came to be. Slowly marching on an army of crown-less kings made their way across whatever hell was laid in front of them, paying with as much pain as they could endure. Someone else would wear the crown, someone else would live a better life, and a few curious ones would look back and learn from them. Learn from their relentless quests for more, of their never ending hunger for self-discovering, learn that there is no good on a passive quest, learn that respect for beauty means a lot more than simply admiring, and that admiring means a lot more than just looking. There is a price for your adventures.

Here we stand once again, just a goal in mind and choice to be made. All we can do is make a request, ask that, pray that and wish that our goal leads us through the right path. Hope for the best while choosing what will demand the most out of us, and never dare insulting our fate by leaving the task of finding the path to him; he'll watch over us, if we deserve it. Nothing can be more embarrassing that moving through this life thinking that happiness is the lack of worries and challenges, that finding ourselves in a state of ecstasy will put us closer to the highest, that losing our own consciousness will put us at a higher spiritual level.

Uncovering one's own mysteries while attempting to find some form of thought that would drag our mind out of those ideas should be the goal of travelling. Sadly this world is full of distractions that will take the best of us and use it against ourselves; from drugs to people and even our duties. Like running water leading to quicksand they will drag us and drown us, remember those two fishes in David Foster Wallace's speech that didn't know what water was, well as he said it: "welcome to water... this is water". Don't let it drown you.

This crown-less kings, are the only ones that have learned how to swim in this sea of choices, fully aware of their surroundings. What they ARE can not be seen or measured. Please do not be fooled into thinking that some plant or substance can get you there, please do not be fooled by your own senses and the many experiences they can provide you with. "Conquerors of the useless" are the ones that chose to pay for their adventures with pain and sweat, they are the ones without a crown in their heads, the ones with tired feet and bloody hands and the only ones who are really AWAKE enough to admire this world.

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