A big design work on our most complete diamond cage on the market. We have equipped and optimized to allow you to work with a lot of positions.

Light In Fitness is today one of the rare companies to offer longer warranties, a guarantee of know-how, quality, safety and respect for standards. With steels and leathers of a very high quality, we trust to make sure to acquire a high-end product whose life and quality largely justify your investment. Reliability, solidity and robustness are the key words of our company.

Crossfit Pro Diamond Cage Our Crossfit Pro Diamond Cage is our brand new, highly functional indoor riding cage.
It will allow you to perform work sessions, very functional on a small space, work on the upper and lower body, alone or in groups (from 20 to 25 people maximum on the cage). It offers many different training possibilities to the CROSSFIT technique of CROSS-TRAINING or other disciplines. The numerous stations will allow you to optimize your training and give you a maximum of sensations.

Our professional Cross training cage This professional cross training cage is for the practice of crossfit and cross-training. We have our own brand Light In Fitness on all our cages.

It will allow you to perform bodyweight exercises for muscle development with a multitude of fitness accessories.
First of all Cross Training is a sport where physical fitness is required. The goal is to focus on performance, we follow a training based on the development of several qualities: agility, balance, speed, power, precision, resistance, coordination, flexibility, strength and cardio.

The objective of the cross training is to develop the best of the physical conditions, the first goal being the improvement of its performances.