Create and send your cards with crypto
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Create and send your cards with crypto

one hand it is a perfect idea to know that we are remembering this special moment in our life and on the other hand, it is no longer necessary to have to wait days and days to receive a special message

Create and send your cards with crypto

Receiving personalized greeting cards online is always one of the pleasant surprises that everyone likes. Because on the one hand it is a perfect idea to know that we are remembering this special moment in our life and on the other hand, it is no longer necessary to have to wait days and days to receive a special message.

Thanks to online platforms, you can send all kinds of congratulatory messages in the blink of an eye. So you will no longer have excuses to do it because it is very simple. If you have searched for different platforms but none convinces you, then let yourself be carried away by one that has everything you need. Do you want to know what it is?

You will find the best greeting cards at SendGift

Of course you will think that, as we have mentioned before, there are endless platforms to be able to send messages of encouragement or congratulations, either for anniversaries or even for teacher appreciation. But the truth is that when all those qualities that make it so special come together in one of them, why keep looking? SendGift has that and much more.

It is a very complete platform, because in it you will have all the resources to be able to send your personalized greeting cards to whoever you want. So that you can celebrate with that special person a moment that will surely also be unique. It should also be mentioned that you can send your own individual or perhaps shared cards. In addition to being able to insert videos or send the best wishes to friends or coworkers.

How can I send messages online?

If you want to know how a platform like SendGift works, then we will tell you all the features it has and how easy it is to access each one of them so that you can finally carry out this very special surprise that is on your mind.

Greeting cards and digital gifts

One of the best options we can resort to is greeting cards. As you know, with them you can celebrate any moment and not just birthdays. Do you want to send a message to congratulate, a wedding or perhaps celebrate a retirement? Then you are in the right place.

To do this, you first have to select the reason for the message and congratulations. It is there where you can enjoy different types of templates among which you will find what you are looking for, for sure. When you have it, you can customize the message. How? Well, recording a video with your mobile or perhaps adding some other funny images for the receiver. Without forgetting the message, which will also be included. You can also make a virtual gift, adding all the information in a document that the recipient could download. To send it, you can choose the way you prefer, be it an email, SMS or perhaps WhatsApp. As simple as that!

What payments are supported on a platform like this

In addition to all the advantages that we find when it comes to being able to send such a special gift to that person who is also special, we could not forget about the payment part. You can choose what suits you best, SendGift offers you various payment options, and one of them is related to crypto. From Ethereum, DogeCoin or Bitcoin among others. It seems that the platforms are adapting to the new times and with these payment methods, everything will be much easier. Don't you think?

The advantages of sending an online greeting

Now that you know where to find them, how to pay for them and the options you have by discovering how it works, you just have to discover what the great advantages are. We have already mentioned that one of the main ones is being able to have everything at your fingertips. Either to send the message alone or to do it in group. In addition, with a group congratulations you won't have to stay with the people who participate, wasting time, but rather everything can be shared quickly and easily.

It is true that personalization is the most important thing when we want to send an ecard. Because we need to surprise them, and to do it you can also add videos or GIFs to be able to complete the best of ideas. Without a doubt, the surprise will be unique and unforgettable. The use of digital tools such as SendGift has changed our lives in many aspects and this is one of them. Maintaining good relationships between people can be another of the fundamental points. That not only extends in a particular way but will also be ideal for companies and to surprise employees.

What are the most sent group cards in 2021? It is true that birthday wishes are one of the main reasons for resorting to this type of tool. But without forgetting the farewells of colleagues or even retirements. So if you had doubts, this is your moment to dispel them and opt for this platform that will only bring you benefits.

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