Penn State ice cream is amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a student here. With the semester coming to a close and the weather warming up, my desire for the frozen treat has become pretty much incessant. Here are 15 flavors I recommend trying:

1. LionS'more

Vanilla ice cream, graham cracker, milk chocolate pieces, and a blue marshmallow swirl. This is a colorful and unique flavor!

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Who doesn't love cookie dough ice cream?!

3. White Out

A choice during football season, this popcorn-flavored ice cream is blended with white chocolate chips and actually tastes amazing. Its unconventional flavor truly makes it stand out!

4. Wicked Caramel Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate-coated peanuts, and a caramel swirl! What's not to love?!

5. Birthday Bash

Yellow cake batter ice cream, frosted cookie freckles, and a blue frosting swirl. There's a lot going on here.

6. August Pie

Why are all the best flavors seasonal? August Pie is a vanilla ice cream churned with peaches, nectarines, red raspberry sauce.

7. Happy Happy Joy Joy

I'm a huge Almond Joy fan, so this had to be on the list. It's coconut ice cream with butter-roasted almonds and chocolate chips!

8. Orange Vanilla Sundae

Sherbet typically isn't first on my list when thinking about what ice cream I want, but Orange Vanilla Sundae is definitely an exception. This flavor tastes similar to the Creamsicles I ate during summer as a little kid. It's a very nostalgic flavor for me, consisting of a simple combination of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream swirl.

9. Mint Nittany

I've always loved mint ice cream, but this flavor takes it to a whole new level. It's a combination of cookies 'n cream and mint chocolate chip. SO GOOD.

10. Monster Mash 

For everyone who knows that Halloween is the superior holiday! Monster Mash is fun, seasonal flavor. It's vanilla ice cream with cookie pieces and a caramel swirl.

11. Death By Chocolate

For all my chocolate lovers out there! The Berkey Creamery describes this flavor as "Flakes of pure chocolate, fudge pieces, and a chocolate swirl blended with our rich, dense chocolate ice cream for a taste that's to die for. So take a bite, close your eyes, and let us take you to a dark, dark place."

12. Grilled Stickies

If it's too hot for a true grilled sticky, get the next best thing: cinnamon bun flavored ice cream with sticky bun dough pieces and a cinnamon streusel swirl!

13. Peanut Butter Swirl

Simple, but amazing nonetheless.

14. Arboretum Breeze

Perfect for a trip to the Arboretum on warm day! It's mint vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and a raspberry swirl.

15. Black Cow

If you love rootbeer floats, you'll love this flavor!