The release of Crazy Rich Asians came out last week is so important because it has been 25 years since there has been an all Asian cast. As a Chinese woman raised in the American culture, there are few Hollywood depictions of Asians who seem like me. Instead, there are the shy, smart students or masters at martial arts. I don't fit into either stereotype and that used to make me feel left out.

I must admit when I first saw the trailer several months back, I didn't think it was real. I thought it was another fan made video. I was later surprised and very excited to see that it was a real movie that was going to be shown in theaters.

Trying to think of movies that have non-stereotypical Asians is very difficult. When I think of major Asian roles, they all seem to be playing on some type of stereotype. In the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, London was the "dumb" Asian instead of the expected genius. Even though they tried to steer clear of the brainiac Asian student, the writers still created an Asian character surrounded by intelligence.

When the movie first came out I saw tweets saying how entire theaters were bought out to support the movie and show the importance of the all Asian cast. It was too long that Asians haven't been represented properly in Hollywood.

The movie has had such great success that the filmmakers are already talking. That is a huge accomplishment for a movie that had to be perfect to prove to Hollywood that people will pay money to see an Asian cast on screen.

I'm so proud of the movie and to identify as an Asian American. We finally got a film that has an all Asian cast with more than just a couple of lines in the script. This movie demonstrates that it doesn't matter who the main characters are as long as there is a good plot and music, people will enjoy it.