An Open Letter To Coworkers Who Became My Friends

An Open Letter To The Coworkers That Have Become Family

It's crazy to think that I consider people family that I've known for less than two years.

Britt Mergler

In our life, most individuals will spend the majority of their time at work. It is inevitable that we begin to form relationships with our coworkers. I have spent the past year and a half at the same restaurant and during that time I have built some close and life-changing friendships. When I look at these coworkers we come from all different walks of life. Our political beliefs range from strict conservation to die-hard liberalism. Some of us are married others have just moved out of their parent's house. Some have kids and some are pregnant. We're all different races. And yet, despite these differences, we have found amazing friendships.

These people have seen me on my worst and my best days. When I start dating someone they are usually the first to know. When I am feeling sad or insecure they are always the ones to pick me back up. I have always been a firm believer that I cannot be friends with people who have different political ideologies than me. However, these friendships changed my perspective. When we took the time to listen to each other – truly listen we realized that we all pretty much wanted the same thing: a better life for ourselves and future generations.

These friendships have taught me that it doesn't matter how often you see each other but rather the quality of the time you spend together. In this past year and a half, I have seen myself and my coworkers blossom and honestly, it is amazing to watch. I have been able to watch my young gay coworker blossom into an outgoing and vibrant soul. I have watched a young woman build up the courage to leave a toxic relationship – and even buy a house.

I have watched another young woman marry the man of her dreams and has finally started to love herself. I feel like a mom who has watched her kids grow up. My coworkers have taught me so much about myself and about life. They have helped shape me into the woman I am today. As someone who is not close with their family, I feel like we have formed our own little family.

This is a family that does not judge, berate, criticizes, and most importantly this is a family that has never left my side. I thank the universe every day that they were put into my life because I am better for it.

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