It is the week that you get hitched to your modern day Romeo (sorry not sorry haha). But I am honestly so so happy for you. It has been such a treat to see your love story with Ryan unfold these last few years. It has been a blast getting to watch the two of you grow in love through all the visits and Facetime calls that we have had.

I want to thank you for showing me that true love does exist in this crazy world. You have proven that love can certainly last forever and I thank you for letting me see that in you and Ryan. I know you cringe looking back on old photos of the two of y'all, but I think its the sweetest thing ever to look back at those photos from times that we have all spent with the crazy Kooi family. Your photos together back in the day were on fleek with lots of love, not gonna lie.

I want to think that someday I will be able to discover my own fairytale, even though it might not be exactly like yours. I know this whole thing may sound cheesy af, but at the end of the day, Soulmates are forever just like Jessie says in her song . I hope to find my soulmate in someone that gets me for who I am and isn't afraid to be silly at times, which I have seen from y'all. I know there must be a plan for my love story eventually, but it just is something that is on my mind as I'm thinking about your wedding.

I can't wait to see more of your journey unfold so I can continue to learn and grow in my own journey. You are a true inspiration to me and I am so glad to call you my cousin. Heres to many more years of love and sweetwaters donuts for the both of us, you know how much I love my donuts lol.