I just got done watching the CMT awards and honestly I just love country music. There is something about it that just warms me up inside. I feel at home while listening to country music. However, most country songs these days are about love or falling in love. I am totally okay with listening to them instead of turning them down when they are on the radio, Apple Music, or Spotify.

The country songs about love teach me what I want to have in a relationship/marriage some day. I can honestly say I learn more from the love songs in country music than any other music genre. I mean don't get me wrong, I love me a good Post Malone song, but Speechless by Dan + Shay is next level. I am able to really take in how the song makes me feel and understand the concept of love a little more.

There are so many different ways to sing about love and I really like that each country artist puts their own spin on it. Each artist is going to go through different experiences, just like I am. So when it is actually relatable, I can turn it up even louder. Of course there are moments in these love songs that makes me wish that I was in my own love story. But, I can't be focused on that all of the time, I have to live in the moment and sometimes listen to my favorite country love songs out there.

There is really no manual to love and how to love, so I think that its okay for me to use these songs as an outlet when I want to, certainly during the summer. I wait up until midnight for some country song's releases so you could say I'm a hard core single country fan. I hope that I am able to listen to more of these love related songs this summer and I'm looking forward to the day that maybe one of the songs plays out in my real love life. We shall see, until next time!