Country Concert Nights

Country Concert Nights

My life's been a country song; it's been the words when I couldn't find 'em, a friend when I've been alone, it's been the toast to things to remember, and the strength for movin' on.

Kendall Gatewood

“Had no excuses for the things that we’d done. We were brave, we were crazy, we were mostly young” Some of the best nights of our lives are standing on the grass with thousands of strangers all singing the same song (like the one above), dancing our lives away without a care in the world.

Country concerts give us an escape from reality. They give us a place that we can forget about the paper we have to do before Monday, the terrible relationship we just got out of, the bills we have to pay, and anything else that causes us stress.

Country music makes us feel good. The songs are things we can connect to. It helps us know that we aren’t alone in how we are feeling; other people feel the same way too. The music helps us feel better about ourselves and enjoy life more.

Concerts allow you to just open up and let loose. You sing songs with your best friends and even people you have never met. You dance to the songs you play on the radio on repeat. The live music really makes you feel alive.

Country music lets you connect with people. There is something about thousands of people singing the same song on a dark starry night that makes you all connect. It makes you feel good to be an American and it lets you know that it is good in the world and in the end, we are all just people.

Country concerts allow you to find yourself. They clear your mind and allow you to truly discover who you are without all the stress of the world. They allow you to be you! Be young, wild, and free! When country concerts clear your mind, you are able to think more logically after them. They sometimes even help you make the hardest decisions of your life.

Let’s not forget to mention the country singers. The country singers make you feel so special. The country music family is so big but feels so small. The country singers really truly care about you. They appreciate you spending the time with them, and they love how we all get into the music. They write the music to help us feel good about ourselves and to help us get through life. Country music singers are still people just like us; they relate to how we feel, and they were once like us listening to country music on a lawn.

Country concerts hold thousands and thousands of memories for people. These memories help people get through the following week and help them learn to love life more. If the grass at those concerts could talk, oh what would it say. It would have some of the best stories to share.

Country concerts are the best nights of my life. They make me feel so happy and alive. I look forward to them all winter long. I am a country concert junkie. because they make you feel so special in ways you can’t find anywhere else. I wouldn’t want to spend my summer nights anywhere else but on the grass, under the stars, listening to live country music.

As life keeps going and things begin to change in our lives, one thing will always remain - the feeling we get when we go to a concert. The feeling we got from a certain concert. The concert ends, but the memories last a lifetime. We look back at old pictures and can tell exactly what concert we were at, who we were with, and the way it made us feel. The concerts just keep making us feel good long after its gone.

Country music is music from the heart. It changes our lives forever and country concerts are some of the best nights of our lives. Go ahead and go to a concert and lose yourself in the music, dancing, and singing.

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