Why Cotidea's Shower Sidekick Is A Must-Have For Every College Girl

Why Cotidea's Shower Sidekick Is A Must-Have For Every College Girl

Goodbye, awkward box shower shaving situations!

Attention, incoming college freshman girls (and anyone who unfortunately has to face a cramped box shower): Have I got good news for you. Pretty quickly you’ll realize that in the confines of the tiny box your university likes to call a shower, it’s basically impossible to shave your legs in a coordinated and timely manner -- —that is, until now.

Enter the Shower Sidekick by Cotidea, a portable, adjustable shower shaving stand that is a godsend for dorm showers everywhere. Invented by women for women, this product has thought of everything to save you from any awkward shaving situation. The lightweight podium is designed for strength and steadiness, with its aluminum pole and non-slip grip so that the stand and your foot don’t slip up with a razor in hand. The stand even comes with a place to rest your razor while you go about the rest of your shower business. Available in pink and purple, it’ll be the prettiest addition to your shower caddy.

The coolest part about the Shower Sidekick is the brand behind it -- Cotidea, which means “The Daily Goddess.” Kristin Wald, a daily goddess in her own right, founded Cotidea to develop products that make women’s lives a little bit easier. Her goal with the brand is to empower women through her products and help women unleash “their inner goddesses.”

The Shower Sidekick’s goal is to do just that. On the surface, it’s a place to prop your foot while shaving, but in practice, it’s a product carefully designed to make someone’s day a little easier. And with an arsenal of products on the way, the Shower Sidekick is just the beginning for Cotidea.

Today, June 13, is the official pre-order launch of the Cotidea Shower Sidekick. You can buy it here, and use the code LAUNCH20 for a 20% discount from now until June 20!

Cover Image Credit: Cotidea

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There's no such thing as too many coffee cups!

Coffee mugs are the perfect gift! Whether you’re shopping for you, your best friend, or your significant other, no one can ever have “too many” coffee cups and you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size!

If you find a mug you love, click on the image to find the cup online!

1. For the “not a morning person” person

I need this.

2. For the one who hearts caffeine

If your Valentine is a coffee lover, you have officially found the perfect gift! These heart-shaped mugs are exclusively sold in a beautiful shade of blush.

3. For the ones who love all things that sparkle

You can't go wrong with gold.

4. For the ones with a chic and simple style

These white and gold mugs are simply elegant with a touch of unique.

5. For the friend who's a mermaid at heart

This is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes they lived under the sea.

6. For the ones in need of morning motivation

I'm a sucker for speckled mugs.

7. For the ones who love quirky things

How adorable is this speckled googly eye mug?

8. For the American friend obsessed with all things British

The red double-decker bus is a British icon.

9. For the crazy cactus lady

Both colors are absolutely adorable.

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I want one of each.

11. For the future crazy cat-lady

This purrfect mug comes in a set of two for only $10!

12. For the ones obsessed with elephants

This adorable mug is great for coffee or tea, and even has a place to put your tea bag once you're done brewing!

13. For the days you're feeling tempted

We all have those days.

14. For the future mr. & mrs.

These mugs are sold separately, but can both be found here.

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I absolutely love these!

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This toilet mug is the perfect gag gift for the jokester of the group.

17. For fans of The Office

— Jim Halpert

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The best part about these organic stoneware mugs is that you don't have to pick just one! You get all three for only $18.

20. For the ones looking for something a little different

The gold rings give a touch of elegance to this speckled, paint splash design.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I Went To An Antique Store With A "Joanna Gaines" Mindset And Here's What I Found

Is the Magnolia line at Target better than finding true antiques?

In November of 2017, HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines launched Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target. Target partnered with Magnolia, a home and lifestyles brand established by the Gaines family.

HGTV fans quickly became obsessed with Chip and Joanna, the witty married couple that take on the worst of homes and transform them into dream homes: Chip taking the contractor role and Joanna dealing with the design and decorating aspect of the revitalization.

Joanna Gaines captivates viewers with her unique ability to turn rustic and antique items into beautiful accent pieces in rooms and homes. One of Joanna's signature steps in her decorating process is finding old statement pieces for walls and decorations in antique stores and bringing them back to life with her personal touch.

Because Joanna is known for her antique style, I found it interesting that the couple made their first partnership with a retail store. I took some time to check out the items they had available, and I was less than impressed.

As someone who finds a ton of inspiration and solidarity by shopping in the antique stores in my hometown, I was surprised by the lack of character in the Target line, Hearth & Hand. The products seemed generic and common "rustic" rather than the unique, distressed, "perfectly-imperfect" nature of her designs on the show.

I decided to do my own investigating to see which is better: shopping the Hearth & Hand line at Target, or mulling through an antique mall to recreate Joanna Gaines' style.

At the antique store, I had no problem at all finding affordable, unique pieces that I have no doubt Joanna Gaines would approve of.

To prove it, here are several pieces I found during my hunt:

This light-blue, distressed, wall-mounting rack is perfect for keys, coats, umbrellas... you name it! The detail on this piece is beautiful and at only $15, Joanna would definitely approve of this for any room in the house.

This chicken wire basket lined with burlap screams "Joanna Gaines," and it's only $10.

This divided box is $12 and would be perfect for storage. Add the Mason jars at $2 a piece to add vessels for flowers, pens, pencils, or anything you can think of.

This "cracked glass" vase is simple and beautiful. Joanna would add some cotton stalks to finish off this $8 steal.

If you're guaranteed to find one thing in any antique store, it's a wooden crate. Joanna loves pieces using old wood, she often revives wood from her homes to create head boards, tables, or other pieces for their clients. This one wasn't marked with a price, but I'd honestly estimate around $10.

Joanna loves a good multi-functional piece. This distressed white storage box is functional and decorative, for only $30. The hand-made wreath behind it is made from book pages, for $10.

This wire basket has that distressed look Joanna is always gravitating towards. She loves hanging things from walls, giving them dimension. This is $10 and would be perfect to house flowers or books.

This wall mirror is $25 and, again, goes off that idea of bringing dimension to walls and making rooms appear larger than they are that Joanna loves to achieve.

This chalkboard to-do list looks like something Joanna personally made. She loves adding character with simple things like this, and she always dresses her kitchens in chalkboard and writes messages on them. At $8, this piece is too good to pass up.

Bookends. Joanna loves decorating with old books and bookends. This set is antique and has that distressed character for only $13.

Needless to say, I was able to find a lot of really awesome items that I think Joanna Gaines would approve of. I looked into the Target line and I really think most of the items lack the distress and character Joanna is able to find in antique stores and that I was able to find here.

There's definitely a down-side to shopping in antique stores. These items aren't necessarily going to be in every antique store you go to. They won't always be at such low prices. However, I think the character and uniqueness you gain from shops like this is worth at least going to look.

Hearth & Hand definitely isn't the most over-priced brand I've ever seen, and it's a good alternative if you can't find the character-filled charm you want for your decor. However, a lot of the pieces available are generic and lacking charm found in Joanna's designs.

Antique shopping is dying, while the desire for that farm-house charm and character seems to be growing. Buying second-hand is a cheaper way to get that distressed character and charm in decor. But, it provides the challenge of not being able to open your laptop and order an item.

Cover Image Credit: Magnolia Market

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