The Human Nature is Corrupt

Lots of times, humanity seems to lack any sympathy for one another. Sometimes it seems like humans genuinely don't try understanding each other. We always judge and make many of those around us feel upset without trying to reason or understand them. People don't always realize that there are two sides to every story. Sometimes people come to conclusions or despise someone without ever giving them a chance. Life is like that.

Nobody is entitled to respect. Nobody is entitled to be loved. Nobody is entitled to be wanted. However, people don't deserve to be hated. The lack of compassion and human understanding I received since my youth have hurt me for a while. I can't understand humans. I can't fully understand society.

However, I don't get why people would intentionally hurt or be harsh to another human being. I don't get why people would beat other people down. I lost most of my belief of hope in humanity a long time ago. Outside, I have always seemed like a bullying magnet to strangers. People treat me sometimes as if I am a decease. At home, the strict culture I have just makes me feel judged.

I would lay down my life for many of my friends and pray for those who hate me. However, it is depressing to see humanity as such a cold position. My mind creates things that are fascinating and revolutionary, but greed can get in my way. It feels like we are living in an idiocy and I wish I could understand why people are so cold towards each other. I wish I could read people, understand people.

However, sometimes you must just move on and hope for the best of the future. We are humans, and though I lost most hope for humanity to move forward, there still seems like always at least some hope. Hold on, and always give life your best. Be a positive change.

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