As an Odyssey Creator, you’ll have the freedom to create the content that’s most important to you. No topic is off-limits and, through the creation process, your voice will be preserved. Whether you’re the casual Creator looking for a place to express yourself or an aspiring professional storyteller, you define your own success on the platform.
Why Odyssey?
  • Engage with a variety of perspectives
  • Sharpen your skills
  • Join a likeminded community
  • Drive social change
  • Monetize your content
  • Have your voice elevated to new audiences
How it works?
  • 1
    Create your content

    Tell the stories that are most important to you, the way you want to tell them

  • 2
    Get it featured

    Learn from us, refine your work, and see your content take off across the web

  • 3
    Make your impact

    Activate your content in the real world with Odyssey’s amplification and tools.

Briana Le

My favorite part of being in a community is the sense of family that is present and all of the people that I have met. Odyssey has allowed me to express myself with no restrictions. Anything that you aren’t sure you want to say publicly, you can write about on Odyssey and find hundreds of people that can relate to you.

Tatyannah King

It is such an amazing feeling knowing that so many people are invested in what you write about. If I can help someone feel normal about their expressions and interests, then I am doing something right as a creator. Odyssey has given me a platform where my voice is heard no matter what my view, experience, or beliefs are.

Jake Prest

With Odyssey, I have been able to grow as a creator and continue to be creative. As a young adult, Odyssey has given me an opportunity to express myself through writing while connecting to what is going on in the world with social media. There is no topic that Odyssey doesn’t discuss. You can always find someone that has gone through a similar experience.
  • 1. What is a community?

    An Odyssey community is a group of like-minded individuals who ideate and create content and thoughtful discussion in a group setting. Odyssey communities are either geographic or interest-based and a contributor can be a part of multiple communities. Communities are open for anyone to join and anyone is able to start a new community.

  • 2. What can/can't you write about?

    You are free to create content about the topics you care about. However, we do not allow users to post content that is blatantly false with the intent to mislead readers, content that harasses other users or individuals off-platform, or is meant to exclude, discriminate, intimidate, or call violence upon groups or individuals. Visit our Rules page for more information.

  • 3. How does Odyssey choose what content they amplify?

    Odyssey selects its featured content in two major ways. Content is amplified based on the engagement it earns, usually from a Creator’s own personal network. Odyssey also actively searches for the most relevant, quality content as it surfaces in real time.

  • 4. How do I get paid, how do I make money?

    Creators who have completed the sign-up process are eligible for Odyssey’s revenue share program. If your content creates enough engagement, a percentage of the revenue it generates will be paid to you.

  • 5. How do i get the most out of my time on Odyssey?

    Odyssey is a platform for your voice and ideas, a place to talk about the things that matter to and interest you most. Everybody has a different reason for coming to Odyssey. If you want to go viral, we know what makes that happen. If you want to talk about your favorite — or least favorite — TV shows and movies, we’re a community where that happens. If you want to learn how content moves through the internet, on social media or search engine algorithms, we can teach you how that happens.

  • 6. What are the requirements to be a creator?

    To join Odyssey, you must have a valid email address or Facebook account to create your account. Using false information to create your account is not permitted.

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