How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression

How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety is something we all experience from time to time. Every now and then there is a stressful situation causing us to feel worry and restlessness. The only problem is, people suffering from anxiety only know the feeling too well since it has become too frequent in their lives, and it can amount to a panic attack. Even worse, anxiety often leads to depression, and it is extremely difficult to deal with these conditions. However, it is not impossible. Here is what you need to implement if you begin to feel/are feeling anxious or depressed, and you have started to notice the unpleasant emotions are appearing more and more often.

Develop a habit

While there is a plethora of tips about what needs to be done when you have an anxiety attack, the tricks often don't seem to work. Why? Because you haven't created a habit of calming yourself down in that way. If you wish for any strategy to work, you have to train your body and your mind into accepting it. The more you practice, the quicker the peace and relaxation come.

Decide on a technique and start applying it. You can choose deep breathing, meditation, taking yoga or tai chi lessons – whichever appeals to you and suits your current situation. Even going to a spa center is a strategy. The point is to dedicate enough of your precious time to your health, and to do it regularly.

Get healthy

Some of the disorders can be inherited, but we are definitely stronger and less prone to them if we keep ourselves in good shape. It's only too easy to become anxious or feel down if you are physically and mentally exhausted.

For this reason, take good care of your body. Eat healthily and regularly. Opt for foods that will keep you full for longer, and avoid immediate sugar boosters, which cause a sudden energy drop afterwards. Make sure you get enough sleep every single night, and do exercise regularly.

Use natural remedies

Along with changing your diet, try to use natural remedies which have long been known for their calming effects: Chamomile, Rhodiola, Valerian root, Lavender, saffron…Recent research has shown that using the best CBD oil for anxiety is extremely recommendable, too, but you should always consult your doctor first.

Spend time with friends and family

As a species, we are social beings, and you have to embrace this fact. In short, it means that we are in need of each other's company, and we feel bad if we don't spend enough quality time with our loved ones. Always make some time for a friendly chat, as this should help you feel better.

Go to parks

Or any other area with plenty of greenery. You don't have to be a fan of camping so as to feel the benefits of spending some time in nature. Like it or not, but nature has a calming effect on our minds and bodies, so dedicate some time to going for a walk in the nearby park or a forest, but stay safe.

Change your focus

This is another technique that needs practicing, and it's not just about changing what you are thinking about. You have to train yourself to change the emotions the moment you start thinking about something nice and pleasant.

Get professional help

Most importantly, do not delay seeking professional advice if you notice any of the symptoms. Anxiety and depression are health issues, and you should treat them as such. If you had high temperature, for example, you would visit a doctor. It is the same way with mental health – don't neglect the symptoms.

To sum up, ask yourself one question: are you really doing everything in your power to overcome the conditions? Start applying the advice we have compiled for you, and the results should start showing after a while.

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7 Syracuse Students Reflect On Their Weekends

Easily the best way to break up week.


With the school year slowing down, I always think about how much I will miss the weekends here. They make weekends at home look less than entertaining and is something that I will look forward to coming back to in the summer.

1. Sage O

"What I like most about the weekends is hanging out with my friends (whether it's watching movies, dinner, or just talking) it's my favorite thing to do. I like it the most because I don't have to worry about school nights or doing my homework right away. It's just time to chill with my girls"

2. Karen C

"Weekends at Syracuse are incredibly exciting. When you're out, you get to see so many people that you cannot see during the week. I like to consider myself to be a "work hard, play hard" kinda girl so for the weekends I devote this time to myself to have fun and let loose, while during the week I work hard. The weekend is my reward so I always look forward to it"

3. Kathryn W

"It's a time to de-stress and spend time with your friends. As well and get away from campus. There are so many options from going to the mall and seeing a movie or having a nice dinner at armory square"

4. Kristen B

"During the week I'm always going and going and my room and everything gets so messy and I'm always so stressed but on the weekends I can clean, get organized, not think about school, and have fun with friends:)"

5. Harrison T

"Welcome to Friday. In preparation for takeoff, please ensure all negative attitudes are properly stowed. On behalf of your captain, Jack Daniels and myself, welcome aboard. I expect sunshine and good attitudes today for our trip. Enjoy the ride."

6. Anna P

"My weekends always start at 12:35 p.m. on Friday. I walk back to my dorm and meet up with my roommate so we can go get some food. Usually walking back from class I call my mom and just catch up with her on what going on in both my and her life.

Then I usually just sit and chill. I clean up my room and watch some Netflix, which is something that I never have time to go during the week. At night I typically now go out with my sorority sisters! We go to our party's and always have the most fun ever!!!

Saturday morning I always meet up with 3 of my really good friends and we go to Starbucks and just hang out there for a little, talk and drink some coffee. Saturday during the day I either start my homework for the weekend or I run any errands that I could possibly need to do.

Then Saturday night is kind of a repeat of Friday night, go out with my sisters have the time of our lives!!! And finally, Sunday hits and I genuinely do homework all day and stop for some food breaks."

7. Jake R

"A typical weekend here at Syracuse for me always starts on Thursday night. The reasoning is that I haven't had a Friday class here at Syracuse since first semester freshman year. Thursday after class, I will sometimes go get food with friends or to make food at my apartment.

Thursday night I'll watch sports games on TV before going to the bar or a party. When I'm out I enjoy dancing and hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. On rare occasion here at Syracuse, the sun decides to come out, which makes for a great day for golf at drummers.

Out on the course we may or may not purchase a golf cart in order to relax. I usually try to make friendly bets with my friends throughout the match. Once we finish up the round we usually all go home and take our respective showers, only to meet up an hour later and go out that night.

Saturdays are basically the same thing as Fridays, with the late wakeup time and relaxation. Usually I'll hang out at my apartment watching TV until mid-afternoon and then start to get my work done that is due that week"

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How to Prepare an Enjoyable First RV Road Trip


You felt excited when you bought your recreational vehicle, and now the thrill is even bigger since you are finally going to embark on your very first road trip with it. This vacation is going to be different from everything you have done so far. As it is the case with all firsts, there is a fair chance to overlook some important details, so here is a list of all the things you should check and do prior to setting off on your big adventure.

Take it for a test drive

Surely you have already done this before the purchase, but you could definitely make use of a few more hours behind the wheel. Since this is your first RV, it takes some time to get used to switching lanes, or driving it uphill and downhill. You'll also never forget to secure the drawers if you see anything flying out of them during a sudden turn.

Check the weather

It almost goes without saying, but make sure you always look for the forecast for a longer period than the length of your trip. Experiencing a storm in the middle of your journey is going to make it memorable, though not in a good way. Also, bad weather increases chances of accidents.

Check the paperwork

In short, collect all the necessary documentation. You should have your credit cards, cash, ownership documents, a map (in addition to the GPS device), and emergency telephone numbers. Furthermore, you never know what can happen on the road, so it's highly recommendable you get some kind of insurance, such as Good Sam Extended Warranty Protection, since this type of mechanical breakdown insurance comes with quite a few benefits.

Make a plan

Even though exploring the great outdoors with an RV seems to be a personification of spontaneity, you still need to have some fixed points, especially if you have small kids on board. Campgrounds get booked sooner than you think, so you had better do that on time. They are very convenient because you can find the necessary RV hook ups there, as well as other facilities. Don't take this for granted, though – always ask for details about their electrical, water, and sewage hookups.
As for the Wi-Fi, don't always count on it. Some campsites can be so crowded that it's almost impossible to get a good connection.

Glorious food

Surely you have in mind what groceries and snacks you're going to bring, but is your fridge in order? Turn it on 12 hours before you set off to check it's working properly. In order to cook food, you'll need pots, pans and dishes, too.

Ways to have fun

To make the trip truly enjoyable, think of different ways to entertain yourselves both indoors and outdoors. Bring cards, board games, or tablets. Kids can do some projects or some coloring activities. To really make the most of your vacation, do some research on what is going on in the area you are traveling to. Perhaps there is a festival, a funfair, or some interesting landmarks to be visited. Camping and time in a campsite needn't be the only highlights of your trip.

Necessities and extras

We have already mentioned some documents, but here is what else should be checked off the list.

A Swiss army knife, flashlights and a complete first aid kit are a must. You should also bring some medications just in case, as well as an insect repellent (there probably won't be a pharmacy around the corner when you need one). Toiletries are on the list, too.

RVs are quite spacious, so you can definitely bring your bikes, sleeping bags, hiking boots, as well as pillows for ultimate comfort. You needn't pack lightly when it comes to clothes either, but bear in mind the weather forecast.

So, you can finally get a taste of adventure and satisfy your inner nomad! Prepare well, and you will fully enjoy the whole experience.

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