12 Reasons Why College Is Worth The Struggle

12 Reasons Why College Is Worth The Struggle

P.S. Don't give up now.

So you're at that point in the semester where you begin asking yourself, "Is it too late to drop out of college?" While quitting now may seem like a probable option for your sanity, my advice to you is to keep on keepin' on. Yes, college is tough. And tiring. And challenging. But it is important to remember one thing: college is worth it.

So before you decide to throw in the towel, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. College instills great work ethic.

So you don't have to be "that guy" at work.

2. Living alone forces you to be independent (you're welcome mom).

"I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T: Do you know what that means?"

3. Your English professors will make sure you understand grammar.

Because honestly, it's about time we all know the difference between "there," "their," and "they're."

4. College will also make you really clever on social media.

Your SnapChat friends will thank you.

5. It will also make you clever in regards to everything else.

Now we all know.

6. Going through college will cause you to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Which is never a bad thing.

7. You'll also realize that not everything everyone says makes sense.

Really though, will this trend ever end?

8. College will inadvertently teach you to be yourself.


9. It will also prevent you from Googling dumb things.

Although, that is a good question...

10. College will give you a good excuse for drinking at family events.

You're welcome.

11. It will also allow you "adult" on your own one day.

In the meantime you should probably thank your mom for paying your electric bill...

12. Most importantly, college is the best time of your life.

Even if you can't remember all of it.

Ultimately, college is worth it in the long run. Here's to getting through the rest of your educational career!

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I Love College But I Can't Wait To Go Home, And Here's Why

Now as Thanksgiving is right around the corner I am literally counting down the days until I return back to my hometown.


From the girl that has grown up in the same town for her whole life, I was itching to leave. I couldn't wait to head off to college and start a whole new chapter.

Now as Thanksgiving is right around the corner I am literally counting down the days until I return back to my hometown.

You don't realize missing home until you're away from it. As it's nearing three months since I first left for college my trip home is something I am looking forward to with much excitement. College is great. It is filled with new experiences, new people, and new opportunities. But with the newness comes a longing for the old.

I miss basic things. Things that I took for granted because I was so used to spending every single day in my suburban town.

I miss being able to drive. This is something I haven't done in nearly three months. The feeling of freedom I get from being behind the wheel. Being able to blast the music and drive wherever. It is something I cannot wait to do when I return home.

I miss having my own room. Although a huge part of college is living in a dorm and having a roommate there's nothing like having your own space to unwind in. Being able to fall asleep in your bed that you've known for so many years. I can't wait to return home and not sleep five feet away from another person.

I miss seeing my family on a daily basis. Although I call home quite frequently not being able to see my siblings, my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, so frequently is something that is missed. Thanksgiving will be a great time to catch up with everyone and I cannot wait to see the family members I haven't seen in nearly three months.

I miss seeing my friends. Being able to drive ten minutes to go pick up a friend and then drive around listening to music, getting coffee, going to each others houses is also something I took for granted. I got so used to seeing my friends every single day of the summer now three months later we cannot wait to reconnect and share memories from the first few months of college.

I miss home cooked meals. My mom is quite the chef. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all on point. I never realized how quickly dining hall food and chick-fil-a would get old. Home cooked meals are the best and something I also didn't realize how nice it was until it's gone.

The list can go on and on with the things that are missed from home. A word of advice: enjoy every second of where you are. I didn't realize that coming to college would make me long for the things that I was so used to. College is a whole new world and it has become my second home. I love where I am and all of the memories I've made but if there is one thing I know for certain it is that nothing can ever replace your true home.

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