3 Boring Careers That You Might Consider For Yourself

It’s OK to Want A 'Boring' Job, Here Are 3 That You Might Even Consider For Yourself

Isn't it cool to be uncool nowadays anyway?


When you think about "cool" jobs, you might think of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada or Jim Nantz or someone else with an exciting workplace, and I wouldn't blame you for it. Either of these two examples (real or fictional) do sound pretty awesome. Being an editor at a fast-paced fashion magazine in New York City? Commentating the Super Bowl with Tony Romo? Those sound pretty cool to me.

But here's the (realistic) thing: There's nothing wrong with wanting something else, i.e. a job many others would deem as "boring."

Not everyone is going to have a cool, crazy job like the examples mentioned. And let's be real -- the "cool" jobs certainly have their downsides. Miranda Priestly works how many hours? And talk about an irregular schedule, traveling around the U.S. to commentate NFL games on the weekend. This all sounds fun, but it does have a big impact on your non-work life.

You've probably heard this before, but work shouldn't be everything. Ambition is a wonderful thing, and by all means get out there and get yours. You just don't want your job to eat away at your personal life or relationships. Having one of these highly-demanding jobs can put those pieces of your life at risk (plus, any job with crazy hours will likely stop being exciting and fun after a while).

With that in mind, here are three "boring" jobs that are actually pretty great, and that you might want to consider for yourself.

1. Accountant

As someone who loves numbers, spreadsheets, and the like, I personally don't find accounting to be "boring," though many others would classify it as such. The misconception is that every accountant prepares taxes, but in truth that isn't the case. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) often focus on taxes or audits, sure, but there are other specialities out there. Some are Forensic Accountants, where they support law enforcement, for example, or some may go on to become a Chief Financial Officer. The options are wide open in the accounting field.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

You can be interested in technology without wanting to work in an office with a nap pod and yoga balls in place of desk chairs. And there are plenty of companies that need professionals in a Computer and Information Systems Manager role (or similar). Sure, it may not be the most exciting title, but this role typically oversees information systems and data processing, which can be pretty cool. Even better for us Angelenos, it turns out that a close by neighbor city, San Diego, is one of the highest paying college towns for technology jobs (according to a study by GCU.edu). No need to move up north!

3. Natural Sciences Manager

This is another field that has a lot of options within it. You could manage a fishery, manage a lab, oversee research related to natural sciences, and much more. If you're into the environment and the natural world, this might be a good option for you. What's also great about this position is that it generally pays well; According to Investopedia, this job earns over $133,000 annually on average.

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9 Of The Hottest Baseball Players To Look For This 2018 Season That Will Make You Want To Watch Baseball

Take me out to the ball game!

It is finally February and you know what that means (if you don't know well then I am here to tell you). This is the month that BASEBALL SEASON begins! Whether it be MLB Spring Training or college baseball this is the month where the sport gets into full swing - no pun intended.

Do I understand and like the game of baseball? Yeah, sure I do.

Do I like the cuties in the baseball pants who play the sport more than the actual game? Yes, of course.

That is obviously what is more important! If you are like me and are wondering who it is to look for this coming season, then this is the place to find out! Through online searches across a variety of platforms and a ton of rosters, I have put together my own list below of the top hottest professional baseball players. With this said go ahead sit back, grab some Cracker Jacks and scroll away!

1. Kevin Kiermaier

This Tampa Bay String Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier with the gorgeous green eyes definitely deserves a spot at the top of this list. He could probably rank the highest on a list for the "Most Gorgeous Eyes".

2. Adam Duvall

A 2014 World Series winner with the San Francisco Giants, Adam Duvall is now a left fielder and first baseman for the Cinncinatti Reds.

3. Charlie Culberson

Wow, does this picture even a caption? Charlie Culberson is an infielder who recently was picked up by the Atlanta Braves only a few days ago so disregard the LA Dodgers gear and become a Braves fan!

4. Ian Desmond

As a Colorado native, I am a for sure a fan of my home team. The tall, dark, and handsome Ian Desmond is a left fielder and first baseman for the Rockies who can pull off the color purple very, very well.

5. Kris Bryant

Not only does Kris Bryant play third base and outfield for the Chicago Cubs, he was also featured as a male model for Express. Google that. You will be happy you did.

6. Bryce Harper

All in favor say "I"! Bryce Harper is a right fielder for the Washington Nationals. He also modeled in ESPN's magazine with very minimal clothing. So, create another browser tab ASAP and google image search.

7. Jorge Soler

Look at that smile, so, so cute! Jorge Soler is a designated hitter and outfielder for the Kansas City Royals, as well as a known previous team member for the Cuban national baseball team.

8. Jake Lamb

Umm, the fact that this photo is a candid just blows my mind. He is standing there doing nothing and somehow manages to look like that!? Jake Lamb is the third baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks as #22.

9. Grady Sizemore

Grady Sizemore is an outfielder for the Cleveland Indians and those dimples are, needless to say, irresistible!

Cover Image Credit: Nathan Shively

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Why We Should All Feel Bad For Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant put his career on the line during the NBA finals due to his love for basketball and the team. The decisions was very brave and courageous, but he was wronged in his return by the team.


Kevin Durant has had a hurt calf muscle for a few weeks. He was cleared to play Monday night ahead of game 5 when the Warriors were facing elimination on Monday night. The odd part of this was he was finally cleared to play by the team doctors when the Warriors were on the verge of losing the championship. The doctors said there is no way he could reinjure his calf, but instead he blew out his Achilles. I have been a critical person of Kevin for his basketball decisions, but this one gave me a huge amount of respect for him and I salute and appreciate his passion for the game.

The problem that I have with this is I find it wrong that he was cleared despite wanting to play. I respect Kevin for wanting to play and not let the fans or his teammates down and I understand his choice. He also felt better, but that does not mean he was ready to go play in an NBA Finals game without much practice or physical activity. The move in which he made that hurt his leg was a normal basketball move that he obviously was not ready for, so many people are thinking he hurt his Achilles instead of his calf in the first place which is much more serious.

The team doctors and management allowed him to play and it will have some impact on his career because he will miss a year and the Achilles injuries are proven to be the worst type of injury for a basketball player. The player loses athleticism, their vertical jump decreases, their ability to play as many minutes per game. Many players have suffered Achilles injuries in many sports and their game no matter what sport was never the same.

Kobe Bryant was a player who suffered an Achilles injury and he never played the same near the end of his career. He was never the same player. Dominique Wilkins was another player who suffered the injury in the 90s was able to come back and still have a few good years left. Kevin is 30 years old and will be entering his 13th season when he returns in one year and will most likely miss the entire 2020-2021 basketball season. He is a free agent this summer and is due to be paid nearly 200 million and there are many teams who love his game. He will still get paid a max contract despite his injury but it is possible he will never play as well as he did.

Kawhi Leonard was a player for the San Antonio Spurs last year when he came down with an injury. He was cleared to play in the middle of the season and he did, but he felt he was not playing to his potential. He then went to a personal doctor with no connection to the team and got a second opinion on his injury and they did not clear him to play. Kawhi was advised to keep resting and rehabbing his thigh injury and the Spurs kept insisting he play. This situation just goes to show you how the team does what is in the best interest of them instead of the player and that is wrong. I hope more athletes see this situation and try to avoid playing injured so they can get paid as they truly deserve because they work hard to be who they are.

Kevin Durant is a true competitor and has great love, heart, and passion for the game and I respect him playing through his injury. It is truly a shame what happened to top him because the basketball world needs him because he is one of the best players in the league and always competing for titles. The basketball world wishes him the best and we are all hoping he defies the odds and comes back as the all-time great player that he once was because he deserves it for putting it all on the line.

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