When you think about "cool" jobs, you might think of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada or Jim Nantz or someone else with an exciting workplace, and I wouldn't blame you for it. Either of these two examples (real or fictional) do sound pretty awesome. Being an editor at a fast-paced fashion magazine in New York City? Commentating the Super Bowl with Tony Romo? Those sound pretty cool to me.

But here's the (realistic) thing: There's nothing wrong with wanting something else, i.e. a job many others would deem as "boring."

Not everyone is going to have a cool, crazy job like the examples mentioned. And let's be real -- the "cool" jobs certainly have their downsides. Miranda Priestly works how many hours? And talk about an irregular schedule, traveling around the U.S. to commentate NFL games on the weekend. This all sounds fun, but it does have a big impact on your non-work life.

You've probably heard this before, but work shouldn't be everything. Ambition is a wonderful thing, and by all means get out there and get yours. You just don't want your job to eat away at your personal life or relationships. Having one of these highly-demanding jobs can put those pieces of your life at risk (plus, any job with crazy hours will likely stop being exciting and fun after a while).

With that in mind, here are three "boring" jobs that are actually pretty great, and that you might want to consider for yourself.

1. Accountant

As someone who loves numbers, spreadsheets, and the like, I personally don't find accounting to be "boring," though many others would classify it as such. The misconception is that every accountant prepares taxes, but in truth that isn't the case. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) often focus on taxes or audits, sure, but there are other specialities out there. Some are Forensic Accountants, where they support law enforcement, for example, or some may go on to become a Chief Financial Officer. The options are wide open in the accounting field.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

You can be interested in technology without wanting to work in an office with a nap pod and yoga balls in place of desk chairs. And there are plenty of companies that need professionals in a Computer and Information Systems Manager role (or similar). Sure, it may not be the most exciting title, but this role typically oversees information systems and data processing, which can be pretty cool. Even better for us Angelenos, it turns out that a close by neighbor city, San Diego, is one of the highest paying college towns for technology jobs (according to a study by GCU.edu). No need to move up north!

3. Natural Sciences Manager

This is another field that has a lot of options within it. You could manage a fishery, manage a lab, oversee research related to natural sciences, and much more. If you're into the environment and the natural world, this might be a good option for you. What's also great about this position is that it generally pays well; According to Investopedia, this job earns over $133,000 annually on average.