Living on a meal plan can create a boring routine. My roommate and I were looking for ways to make our own food but still using our meal plans. We discovered some easy meals that can be made in a dorm. We only used things we could buy at Cascadia in the ILLC.

Cheese Potatoes and Salad:

Ok for this one you do need the microwave steamer bags. Basically all you need to do is steam the potatoes and then mash them up, adding butter and cheese during the process. Then take a bag of salad and some dressing.

Bacon Alfredo and Brussel Sprouts

For this you need to make a friend that lives in the ILLC, their kitchens are amazing. I bought noodles and sauce from Cascadia and prepared as the directions said. The brussel sprouts need to be cut in half then put in a pan with olive oil salt and pepper. Add onion to this if you’re feeling adventurous.


This one is the easiest to do. Use the Rapid Ramen Cooker to cook the ramen. Steam broccoli in a steamer bag and then add the seasoning packet. Pretty simple.

Hopefully this gives some inspiration to those surviving off meals plans!