It's a process. Getting all of the friends together to have a nice meal is always fun, but sometimes the time before the guests arrive gets a little out of hand! Here are the seven stages and struggles of cooking for your friends in college.

1. Creating the menu.

This one is so important. It's essential to develop an enticing menu to trap the said guests into coming.

2. Buying ALL the groceries.

You end up spending half of your bank account on the food, but you'd do that anyways, right?

3. Starting the cooking.

It's time to start and everything is going great! It's going to be perfect.

4. Complete chaos.

Twenty minutes in there are dishes are everywhere, the pot is on fire, and you realize you forgot to turn the oven on. ....And you thought it'd be easy. Lol.

5. The final stretch.

You start getting texts that your guests are on the way. After the chaos you've just endured this is no big deal. It's time to put the final touches on your masterpiece. You've got this.

6. Time to eat!

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for! You take your first a bite and it's delicious. You might have almost burned down the kitchen but it was all worth it.

7. The dishes.

This is the worst part. There's a mountain of dishes in what used to be a functional kitchen, but thankfully you've got a captive audience to help you out. That's what friends are for... I think.

Cooking for your friends is the best because even if the food sucks they're still your besties (probably). After all, cooking is a labor of love.