The moon is a lonely candle illuminating the ocean as the waves roll in and out.

I have wandered away from my sheets again like a zombie stuck in a trance.

"Where am I, how did I get here, why. am. I. here?"

These were the thoughts wandering around the intricate mazes of my mind.

Heart then commanded my hands to excavate the sand and retrieve our memories that I had buried; she wants me to dig up what has already been done because she cannot move on.

Do you mind if I call you everyday just to make sure you're still breathing?

You know this world is crazy...and I promise this ain't no excuse to hear your voice, I just wanna know your safe because even if I can't have you this world still needs you.

Brain and Heart tried to figure out your ways, but boy you were a locked vault and a guarded dungeon; the thoughts of your mind came and left without a trace and you had the power to disable the primary function of your heart.

These two dominant organs within me can never agree and they are always bickering and arguing about what I need; they are like a married couple trying to raise me.

But tonight as I was digging, all of the stars wrote my name across the deep blue sky...

Then Brain spoke to me:

"Your past memories are no longer of any importance. Your soul is wandering at night in search of you. Oh how we yearn to be reunited with you again in the purest sense reviving what is dead and feeding you in ways that only we can. We are in search of you while you are in search of him.

We need you; save us."

I listened to logic.