As the “Time’s Up” movement grew in popularity, many actors were seen voicing their support. Timothée Chamalet was among them, and his fan base fell even more in love with him when he spoke out about how he was happy the movement was gaining traction. Chamalet then began to gain a good reputation for using his celebrity status to talk about the prevalence of college campus sexual assaults, but public opinion of him quickly changed when it was revealed that he had been continuously avoiding the question of why he made a film with Woody Allen, a known rapist.

It is a running theme for men in Hollywood to say they are supportive of women’s rights because they think it is something “trendy” to talk about that will help them gain popularity. Chamalet seemed to be using this same tactic and his fans continued telling him he was a hypocrite for working with Woody Allen and that they expected more from him. Eventually, he broke his silence and said that he had not answered anybody’s questions on his decision to work with Allen because his contract prevented him from doing so. However, he had decided to donate his salary from the film to TIME’S UP, The LGBT Center in New York, and RAINN.

Chamalet’s fans praised him for trying to correct his mistake by choosing to not profit from the film. It meant that he was actually genuine when talking about how it is important to discuss how sexual assault it more common than some people think. I was relieved when I saw his post explaining why he had been unable to share his thoughts on Woody Allen because I considered myself a fan of his as well. I rarely see celebrities that actually want to make an effort to stand for women’s rights, so I saw it as a welcomed change that Chamalet wanted to give money to organizations that fight back against people like Allen. For a short period of time, it seemed like his association with Allen was water under the bridge, until it was revealed that his reason for making no comment on Allen’s crimes were fake.

The Huffington Post got access to Chamalet’s contract from a source and explained that “Chalamet is under no contractual obligation to remain silent about his thoughts with respect to Allen, nor does it prevent him from offering support to Dylan Farrow.” Unfortunately, it seems like he is just like most celebrities that claim to be advocates for women’s rights. They only say they do in order to appease their fanbase, when in reality they do not care. Chamalet’s representatives contacted the Huffington Post and told them that there was a clause in the standard SAG agreement that was a part of his contract that would not allow him to comment on the accusations against Allen. However, the Huffington Post hired two attorneys to review the clause in Chamalet’s contract and they found that it did not stop him from sharing his opinion on Allen.

I have yet to see Chamalet make any other statements after this news was revealed, and I doubt that I will. His only reason for “supporting” victims of sexual assault was to stop the hate he was receiving from his fans for working with Allen and to be seen in a positive light by the rest of the public. The Huffington Post explained that the purpose of Chamalet’s initial statement may have been to convince the members of the Screen Actors Guild to vote for him because his statement was released a few days before voting ended. Either way, he has been exposed for using the gaining popularity of the feminist movement to his advantage, and it would take an extremely good explanation in order for his actions to be forgiven.